Monday, November 19, 2012

The Palestinian and the "Settler"

A story received from a Jewish citizen in Gush Etzion, a Jewish community in the West Bank near Jerusalem depicts the reality of life which is somehow very different t the "stories" reported in the media:

Location:- Friday night, Shabbat, the synagogue in an Eastern Gush Etzion settlement.

We hear an alarm on Friday night. We think and wonder, but do not do anything. Then a loud explosion is heard. Sirens of the security forces are sounded and messages broadcast on the need to find shelter.

Then there is another alarm, and this time everyone runs downstairs to the room underneath the synagogue to take cover. Children and grandchildren in our arms to get down as soon as possible.

The phone rings. The Emergency squad member holding the mobile phone which is on although it is Saturday and answers.

The voice is a voice he is used to hearing. The voice on the line speaks with an Arab accent: "Pinni, Shabbat Shalom," says Muhammad, with panic in his voice. "Pinni, an alarm has sounded and there are explosions, what are we supposed to do?"

Muhammad is a friend of Pinni, from a neighboring village, an Arab village. They have no shelter and are not aware of the rules behavior under missile attack.

Pinni explains to Muhammad that we are under missile attack from Gaza, and to go inside his house and to stay away from windows.

"Thanks Pinni," admitted Muhammad and apologized that he had called on Saturday.

This is reality, Arab "Palestinian" calls to a befriended "settler" to get instructions on how to defend himself against his brother Palestinian offensive missiles from Gaza.


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When the Palistinians recognize and befriend Israel they will have a great economic,educational and cultural growth and their contributions to all will be noticed and publicised!
Saul W. La Kier
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