Sunday, November 18, 2012

The “Iron Dome” Interceptor System

With the remarkable success rate of interceptions, the Israeli developed “Iron Dome” system is attracting attention from many corners of the globe.

As of today 18th November, here are a few facts about the system:=

Cost of the project app $0.65 billion

Cost per interceptor $50,000 (note that 2 are fired for each planned interception)

Success rate currently 90%, over 265 missiles intercepted.

Number of units currently operating 5 ( planned to have 10-15 covering the whole country)

The fifth newly installed battery – Friday - hit the rockets launched at Tel Aviv, a long range rocket

This is important because:

a) Iron Dome was theoretically set up for short range rockets only

b) This sends a message to Hizbollah with a much larger and more sophisticated arsenal

And what does Hizbollah possess?

Quoting Dr Ronen Bergman who uses Western intelligence sources:

• 30-40,000 short range 107mm rockets

• 42,000 122mm – range of just over 30km

• 5-6,000 mid to long range

• 50-100 Scud D. Range 700 km. Currently under wraps in Syria

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