Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Why Palestinians Cannot Make Peace with Israel


by Khaled Abu Toameh  •  October 20, 2021 

  • The Palestinian Authority, which is largely funded by American and European taxpayers' money, is imprisoning Palestinians for even trying to engage in real estate deals with Jews.
  • The Palestinian public seems generally supportive of the death sentences and extrajudicial killings of suspected "land dealers" and informants. Even Palestinian human rights organizations appear to be extremely careful when they mention such issues.
  • As far as Hamas and many Palestinians are concerned, peace with Israel or any form of "collaboration" with the "Zionist enemy" is an act of treason punishable by death.
  • Mahmoud Abbas is already facing accusations of being a traitor because of the security coordination between the PA security forces and the Israeli authorities in the West Bank.
  • As long as the PA and Hamas punish Palestinians who work with Israel or are willing to sell real estate to Israeli Jews -- frequently by issuing sentences of hard labor or death -- the hope of reviving the "peace process" is, unfortunately, a pitiful waste of time and effort.
  • The verdicts passed against the "land dealers" in the West Bank and the suspected "collaborators" in the Gaza Strip show that Palestinians remain as far as ever from accepting Israel, let alone making peace with it.
The verdicts are yet more proof of how Palestinian leaders continue to radicalize their people against Israel -- to the point that no Palestinian who wishes to stay alive would ever claim that he or she seeks to make peace with Israel or recognize all of the land as anything other than totally Palestinian in every way.

Hamas to Israel: $8 million by tomorrow or else

"Do it or else", the latest threats from Gaza

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

Gaza-based terror group Hamas is demanding that Israel fulfill a number of conditions, including transferring some $8 million in aid money, by Tuesday, or face actions that could dismantle the current Israeli government, Palestinian daily Al-Ayan reported.

Hamas is also demanding the full release of Qatari funding for Gaza, an end to the restrictions which prevent Gazans from approaching the border fence with Israel, easier movement for Gazans that wish to travel to Jordan, and family reunification permits for some 19,000 Gazans married to Israeli citizens, which would normalize their status in the Jewish State.

 If Israel does not fulfill these demands, the relative quiet along Israel’s southern border since May 2021’s Operation Guardian of the Walls clash will come to an end, the group threatened.

The warning that Hamas has the power to create a conflict with the potential to upend Israel’s current ruling coalition appears to be a reference to the unstable nature of the government, which is comprised of parties spanning from the left to right ends of the political spectrum.

News agency JDN suggested that Hamas is happy with the Bennett government, which has allowed the entry of building materials into the Strip along with other concessions, and does not actually want the current government to fall.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Iron Dome - Where is the USA Heading?

 An earth-shattering event happened in Congress:
House Democrats removed $1 billion for
Israel’s Iron Dome defense system from an
emergency funding bill and later put it back in a different bill.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

‘Settler Violence’ – The Other Side of the Story

 News reports in Hebrew and English, in Israel and abroad, have been reporting on the “vicious Israeli settler violence” against the Palestinian village al-Mufaqara in the South Hebron Hills recently during the Jewish festival of Simchat Torah. Among the wounded was a three-year-old Palestinian boy who was hit by a rock that went through his bedroom window. His is in moderate condition at Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba.

The news reports are typically inconsistent with one another, but what seems to be agreed on by the media is that Jews and Arabs threw rocks at each other, with Israeli settlers from the nearby Jewish communities of Avigayil and Havat Maon having instigated the attack.

While video and photographic evidence accompanies these articles, there is one video that none of them include — showing dozen of Palestinian Arabs moving up the hills toward Havat Maon. A few were launching large rocks using slingshots.

The video is credited to a group of activists, headed by Ari Kaniel.

“There were two parts to the incident on Simchat Torah, the first occurring when a group of residents of Avigayil were on a hike between their outpost and Havat Maon. A large group of Arab men came out from al-Mufaqara, attacking them with rocks and sticks. Instead of scampering away in fear, these unarmed Jews picked up rocks and drove the Arabs back into their village.”

Kaniel claims that the Jews were able to drive them back because the Arabs are not used to Jews defending themselves. The settlers kept up the fighting in the village itself until the IDF came.” he said.

“About an hour after this first incident, a few dozen Arabs amassed in the hills preparing to storm Havat Maon. At the sound of their approach,[Jewish] volunteers went out with their cameras to document it.”

Kaniel said that the IDF arrived quickly at this point, before the Arabs could enter the village. None of the Arabs in the video were arrested despite the fact that their faces are clearly seen, however Jews were arrested for their part in the first incident.

“There is no film of the first incident since, as Orthodox Jews, they did not take cameras out with them on the hike — on holidays and Shabbat they only bring out the cameras when something has already started to happen.”

Given that Israel is still living under conditions of war, with cameras having become a weapon of war, and given that pikuach nefesh (saving lives) is of utmost importance in Judaism, rabbis have given permission to the Jews of Judea and Samaria to use cameras on Shabbat and holidays (otherwise forbidden) in order to provide the IDF with faces of the Arabs attacking them and to counteract accusations spread about a Jewish instigation of hostilities,Yosef Hartuv told United with Israel,.

Similarly, throwing rocks is permitted on holy days only in self-defence.

“The Arab narrative of the events of the day were immediately adopted by the media,” Kaniel said. “Why does nobody ask what made Orthodox Jews throw rocks on a holy day, something that is forbidden unless in self-defence?”

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Some interesting Israel-UAE agreements

 Ahead of the first anniversary of the Abraham Accords, here are some of many interesting deals reached to date

1.    1.Israeli search-and-rescue group signs MoU with Emirati counterpart

In a first agreement of its kind, Israel’s ZAKA Search and Rescue organization and organizers of the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference & Exhibition (DIHAD) signed an MoU that supports future collaborations in response to international crises and disasters..

2.    2,  Joint Israel-UAE water research institute is on the way

Earlier this summer, representatives from Israeli air-to-water company Watergen, Tel Aviv University and the Emirati Baynunah company met to sign on the establishment of a joint water research institute in the UAE

3.    3.  Israelis and Emiratis to develop Covid stem-cell therapy together

Immediately after the Abraham Accords were announced, the Haifa-based regenerative medicine company Pluristem Therapeutics signed a non-binding MoU with the Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center to advance cell therapies for diseases including Covid-19.

4.    4.  Dubai chooses blue-and-white drones to secure expo

In what can only be described as a fantastic Middle Eastern twist, Dubai reportedly chose none other than an Israeli drone company to provide security for the World Expo it is to host this fall. Airobotics’ drone-in-a-box solution reportedly will aid local police in securing the international event and shorten emergency response time, as well as reduce the need for traditional security personnel.

5.     5. Emiratis get a share of Israeli natural gas

Israel’s offshore Tamar natural gas field got new owners this year when local drilling giant Delek sold its shares in the site – amounting to 22 percent – to Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala Petroleum for $1.1 billion in the biggest commercial deal to take place between the two countries to date.

6.     6. Bahraini, Israeli think tanks collaborate on regional security

The Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy at the IDC Herzliya and the Derasat Institute – The Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies signed an MoU this summer to collaborate on the fields of regional security and multilateral relations in the Middle East.

7.    7.  Abu Dhabi’s Dept of Health links up with Sheba Medical Center

This summer, top brass from world-famous Israeli hospital Sheba Medical Center flew to Abu Dhabi, where they signed an MoU allowing for the formation of a cooperation framework focused on research and development in telemedicine and the use of artificial intelligence in medicine, as well as the exchange of knowledge and best medical practices.

8.     8. Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center– soon in Dubai?

Last fall, reports surfaced saying that Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center’sformer director general, Prof. Zeev Rotstein, was in talks with Emirati medical organizations regarding the possible establishment of a branch of the prestigious hospital in Dubai.

Monday, September 13, 2021

‘Economy for Security’ Plan to Stop Hamas Terror in Gaza

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid laid out his detailed plan to defeat Hamas in the Gaza Strip through economic and diplomatic means in an address to the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism Conference at Reichman University on Sunday.

“We need to start a large, multiyear process of economy for security,” he said.

Lapid rejected the dichotomy that Israel can either reconquer Gaza or continue to engage in periodic rounds of war against Hamas and other terrorist groups in the coastal enclave that Israel evacuated in 2005.

“Those are two bad options,” he said. “That’s not a reality we can accept.”

Instead, Israel should advance the “economy for security” formulation without negotiating with Hamas, he added. “Israel doesn’t speak to terrorist organizations who want to destroy us,” which puts pressure on the group that controls Gaza.

“We need to tell Gazans at every opportunity: Hamas is leading you to ruin,” Lapid said. “No one will come and invest real money, and no one will try to build an economy in a place from where Hamas fires and that Israel strikes on a regular basis.”

An Israeli plan to improve life in Gaza if Hamas lays down its arms is a way to put pressure on Hamas and end the “absurd situation” in which an antisemitic terrorist organization attacks Israeli civilians and Israel is blamed for it, he said.

That process will take years and will be backed up by the IDF’s might, Lapid said.

 “Our position of strength allows us to initiate instead of sitting and waiting for the next round,” he said.

The foreign minister also vowed that Israel bringing back the soldiers and civilians held in Hamas captivity is part of his plan, which has two stages.

First would come the humanitarian rebuilding of Gaza in exchange for an effort, coordinated with the international community, to stop Hamas’s military build-up.

“The electricity system will be repaired, gas will be connected, a water desalination plant will be built, significant improvements to the healthcare system and a rebuilding of housing and transportation infrastructure will take place,” Lapid said. “In exchange, Hamas will commit to long-term quiet.”

The international community would have to use its influence to ensure that quiet and stop Hamas from arming itself, including preventing smuggling and an oversight mechanism to stop humanitarian funds from getting to the terrorist group that threatens Israeli civilians.

Without that oversight, Israel will not allow funds to be invested in Gaza.

During this stage, Israel would maintain control of electricity and water in Gaza. Only long-term positive results would yield energy independence.

The Palestinian Authority would go back to being responsible for crossings into Gaza, except for Rafah, which is controlled by Egypt. Egyptian support is critical for the process, Lapid said.

More on this at

Friday, August 27, 2021

The World's Most Moral Army

 Cross posted from Grandma's Army 

 “The only reason Israel goes to war is to defend itself. And it has to defend itself because it is surrounded by countries, and armed groups, that want to destroy it”.

The above was stated by Colonel Richard Kemp, a retired British army officer, who has more experience in war and terrorism than almost anybody. He was Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan, and has fought in combat zones around the world, including Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Macedonia and Iraq. He was also present throughout the conflict in Gaza in 2014. Among other awards, he was made the Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2006

He stated that, nowhere was the essential morality and decency of the IDF more evident than in the Gaza War. In the first six months of 2014, Hamas (designated as a terror organization by the US State Department) launched hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilians. If ever there was a purely defensive war, that was it. After repeated warnings from Israel to stop, the Israeli Air Force finally conducted precision strikes to halt the rocket fire. They also advanced into Gaza to destroy a network of terror tunnels that Hamas had constructed to attack Israeli communities near the Gaza border.

It is fascinating to read about the tactical and ethical dilemmas faced by the IDF and the surprising solutions it invented, and deployed, to prevent “collateral damage”.

They took unprecedented measures to give Gaza civilians notice of targeted areas. They dropped millions of leaflets, broadcasting radio messages, sending texts and making tens of thousands of phone calls. They even knocked on rooftops with a minor preliminary strike, and then launching the effective second strike only if people evacuated. Never, in the history of warfare, has an army phoned its enemy and told them where they are going to drop their bombs!

Most amazing is the fact that many IDF missions that could have taken out Hamas military capabilities were aborted to prevent civilian casualties, increasing the risk to Israeli citizens and soldiers.

Knowing the extraordinary measures the IDF will take to protect innocent civilians, Hamas deliberately positioned its military assets among the civilian population. They hid weapons in schools and hospitals, placed rocket launchers alongside apartment buildings, then forced those civilians to stay in areas they knew would be attacked. They also instructed their people to report the lie that every Gazan killed was a civilian, even if they were actually fighters. Numerous Internet sites show Palestinians elaborately staging sniper victims and smashed ambulances, among other phony horrors.

In the words of Colonel Richard Kemp: “Firstly, Israel is a decent country with Western values, run on democratic principles. Secondly, Judaism, with its unsurpassed moral standards, remains a major influence on the citizens of Israel. I say this as a non-Jew. Thirdly, Israel is a small country, with a small professional army. To fight a war it depends on its conscripts and its reservists. These are ordinary citizens, from professors to plumbers, called upon to defend their homes. They don’t want to be fighting and they don’t want to harm others.


No army takes such risks in order to protect civilians in the history of warfare as the Israeli army does. I say this as a professional soldier. I say it because it’s true. And people who care about truth should know it”.


Southern Israel Gets Hit Again

Gaza terrorists are at it again. They are back to their incendiary terror balloons. And of course, Southern Israel is the closest target. Can you imagine living like this? Can you imagine looking out your window and seeing fire balloons headed toward where you live?
The Israeli people deserve to live safely and peacefully. They deserve to live without fearing what Gaza terrorists will do next.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Iran's Renewed 'Promise' to the Palestinians

 by Khaled Abu Toameh  •  August 18, 2021

  • [T]he leaders of various Palestinian factions are seeking Iran's support for their jihad (holy war) against Israel.
  • This means that Iran under Raisi will continue to provide the Palestinian terrorist groups in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip with financial and military aid.
  • Iran did not promise to contribute to the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of last May's 11-day war between Hamas and Israel. Iran did not promise to build new hospitals and schools in the Gaza Strip. Iran did not promise to help the two million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip cope with the rising number of Covid-19 infections.
  • Iran's renewed promise to help the Palestinians in their fight against Israel shows that the mullahs in Tehran feel emboldened by the perceived weakness of the Biden administration and other Western powers in dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat.
  • The silence of the US and the rest of the international community towards the latest threats from Iran and its Palestinian proxies signals that it is only a matter of time before the Palestinian terror groups' jihad toward Israel, most likely enthusiastically assisted by Iran, resurges in a way that is entirely expectable.

Raging Fire Brought Under Control


After 52 hours the fire is finally under control.
1500 firefighters fought valiantly to stop the fire reaching 
the Hadassah hospital.

From our front line view we saw the massive Hercules plane 
dropping the blue flame retardent on the last pockets of 
fire near the hospital.

This was a asuccessful experiment since the average 
firefighting plame can only drop 3000 litres of flame 
retardent wheras the Hercules can drop 18000 litres

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

What a world!!: Taliban on Twitter, yet Trump banned

 The Taliban Spokesman has a Twitter account without any problem. Meanwhile, President Trump is banned from the platform, in addition to many pro Israel activists

 “The Taliban who treats women and girls worse than dogs, kills gays, and is beheading people in the streets in Afghanistan right now can tweet. But not me said one activist, I’m suspended on Twitter for saying people should be able to choose to take the COVID vaccine or not.

Many pro Israel activists are banned for reporting facts but terror groups are given free reign on the social media

Monday, August 16, 2021

The Raging Fire Continues---

 As we watched the fire in our neighbourhood develop yesterday, it was clear that the whole valley would be destroyed. On the other side of the valley are a number of small communities, including a psychiatric hospital where all residents had to be evacuated. Eliyahu a Metzuda winery in Givat Ye’arim that went up in flames. “It’s dust and ashes. Nothing is left” said the manager. Around 150 barrels were burned. Last Thursday, a consignment of 30,000 new bottles were delivered that were due to be filled.

The fire – which is still burning as of this writing on Monday afternoon – is being called one of the largest blazes ever recorded in the wider Jerusalem area. It appears to have been started near the town of Beit Meir, an area targeted by arsonists in the past. Due to the strong westerly winds prevailing on Sunday, it spread rapidly to nearby communities which were swiftly evacuated – some 10,000 people were directly affected.

The manager of the winery stated that “It was going to be a day of harvesting the grapes,we started work indoors that morning, and suddenly, the world seemed to be going dark outside. The skies looked strange, but we didn’t realize the reason why, and we went back to work.”

“After around a quarter of an hour, the electricity went down, and we started to get worried. We went outside and then we saw the flames – they were already approaching – and there was an acrid smell of smoke. Then we realized what was going on. All of us – all the winery workers – ran for our cars and fled for our lives.

 “A quarter hour later or so, I tried to see what was going on at the winery from a distant vantage point, and I saw it going up in flames and I could actually hear the sounds of explosions as the bottles of wine shattered.”

And in that time the livelihoods of all in that business were shattered

Sunday, August 15, 2021

A Scary Day at Home - A Raging Fire

 Today was intended to be a sort of more relaxing day, however by mid afternoon, we were shocked to see thick black cloud passing by our balcony.

Yet another fire erupted in our neighbourhood, this time much closer than the one two weeks ago. The fire could be seen from miles away. This photograph was taken from Jerusalem

By mid afternoon we were told to leave our apartments and go down to parking level -1 where were served with ice cream (not Ben and Jerry's) and cold water

Everything was done in an orderly manner, no panicking and in good humour. 

To be honest, even though i was very young at the time, it reminded my of going down steps to a shelter under out garden when the sirens sounded to warn of incoming German aircraft during world war !!.  Strange tricks memories play!

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Endless Aid to Eternal Fake Refugees!

source / FaceBook

International aid has been provided to Palestinians at least since 1948!

The Palestinian National Authority (PA), within the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and Gaza Strip, receives one of the highest levels of aid in the world.

The entities that provide such aid are categorized into seven groups: the Arab nations, the European Union, the United States, Japan, international institutions (including agencies of the UN system), European countries, and other nations.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) was set up in 1949 to provide humanitarian relief to Palestinians displaced by the 1948 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Originally, it was intended to provide jobs on public works projects and direct relief. Today, UNRWA provides education, health care, and social services to more than 5 million registered Palestinian refugees and their descendants, and other segments of Palestinian society, as well as providing some financial aid to Palestinians.

UNRWA employs over 30,000 staff, 99% of whom are locally recruited Palestinians.

In 2013, $1.1 billion was contributed to UNRWA, of which $294 million was contributed by the United States, $216.4 million from the EU, $151.6 million from Saudi Arabia, $93.7 million from Sweden, $54.4 million from Germany, $53 million from Norway, $34.6 million from Japan, $28.8 million from Switzerland, $23.3 million from Australia, $22.4 million from the Netherlands, $20 million from Denmark, $18.6 million from Kuwait, $17 million from France, $12.3 million from Italy, $10.7 million from Belgium as well as $10.3 million from all other countries.

Did you know that the PLO has received over $50 Billion in foreign aid since the mid 1990's? Let that number sink in - $50,000,000,000.

Why do they claim poverty to the world while we know they have received more aid than any other legitimate refugees per capita on earth? 

Iran helped the EU lose its credibility

 After countless EU lectures on human rights and the moral high ground it has taken towards Israel and others, the EU has crossed a line that even most fervent critics and Eurosceptics would have had a hard time to believe.

The drop was when Josep Borrell, EU high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, decided to send an envoy to attend the inauguration of the Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, aka “the butcher of Tehran.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lior Haiat reacted on Twitter by saying that Israel is “puzzled” and recommended the EU to retract its attendance. Israel was indeed puzzled, and so were most Europeans. It was simply hard to wrap our heads around the fact that the EU, the self-proclaimed ultimate human rights defender, failed to draw a line in the most extreme of circumstances: an EU envoy sitting among leaders of terrorist organizations, celebrating the election of a man guilty of the worst crimes against humanity.

Nonetheless the signs were there, piling up slowly but surely.

It is a fact, Borrell has failed to stand up for any Iranian dissident that faces a grim outcome. Even Dr. Ahmad Reza Djalali, a EU citizen no less, who has been incarcerated in Iran on baseless accusations and awaits his death penalty, could only count on an appeasing message to Iran regarding his release. Iranian dissidents and human rights activists implore the EU to stand up to Iran for Djalali, but there’s no one home.

Borrell systematically looks the other way for Iran’s human rights abuses, its terror activities throughout the Middle East, its threats against Israel and even more flagrantly, decided to condemn the recent vessel attack in Oman only after EU envoy Enrique Mora’s attendance was decried.

Even more absurd, when it comes to Israel’s policies regarding Jewish communities in Area C, the EU reacted in a harsh tone and suggested legal action with the ominous statement: “steps towards annexation, if implemented, could not pass unchallenged.”

Furthermore, the EU does not hesitate to use the terms “humanitarian law”, “international law,” “illegal” and accuses Israel of fueling tensions on the ground. In reality, the EU has been systematically misusing these legal terms to falsely accuse Israel of violating international law in order to pressure Israel into political concessions.

To top it off, the EU takes a softer approach when it comes to Hamas’ human rights violations and indiscriminate rocket attacks against civilians. The terror organization that, contrarily to Israel, actually violates human rights on a daily basis. Mora sitting next to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh shouldn’t shock any of us after all.

One would think that threatening a state with “legal action” is a reaction that could better fit Iran’s constant threat in the region and its gross human rights violations. Yet, everyone understood that the EU does not wish to undermine any of its interests with Iran and so Iran’s violations were repeatedly met with silence. Israel, on the other hand, is a safe partner in the background and a safe foe at the forefront in order to secure the left and center-left votes in Europe. Therefore pointing fingers at Israel is a much needed exercise.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

One Picture + 1000 Words


One picture is worth 1000 words: 1- on the right-a senior #Hezbollah representative ( Kasim) 2- on the left- a senior #Hamas representative ( Haniya) 3- in the back, circled- a senior #EU representative (Mora)

The occasion- the inauguration of
the ‘butcher from Teheran’,Raisi.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Iranian dissident delegation visits Israel

By David Isaac

It was billed as the first Iranian delegation to Israel since the fall of the Shah 42 years earlier. Six Iranian Muslim dissidents, forced to leave their homeland decades ago and who made their way to the United States, came on a three-day solidarity mission last week to show support for the Jewish state following the May clash between Israel and Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip—namely, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad—that have long been backed by Iran.

 Accompanying the group were four former Trump administration officials, including Ellie Cohanim, former U.S. deputy special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism at the U.S. State Department, who described the visit as “historic.” Cohanim was born in Tehran and escaped with her family shortly after the Iranian Revolution in 1979.

 “They know that Hamas, which rained down these rockets on Israel, is an Iranian proxy, and they know that Hezbollah on the Lebanese border is an Iranian proxy,” Cohanim told JNS. “And they wanted to show the Israeli people, but also the world, that they support Israel in its right to a country and its right to self-defense, and they really just stand against the Iranian regime.”

The mission was organized by the Institute for Voices of Liberty (IVOL), a U.S.-based nonprofit that seeks to “counter the false narratives propagated by the Islamic Republic and its apologists,” and to act as a voice for the “freedom-seeking people of Iran.”

The group’s whirlwind tour of Israel included stops at the northern border with Lebanon and Syria, and at the southern border with the Gaza Strip. They also met with officials at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ministry tweeted on Sunday: “It was an honor to meet these brave individuals.”


Sunday, July 18, 2021

The Disappearing Dead Sea

 Noam Bedein has been documenting the changes in the Dead Sea since 2016 and travels the world presenting his findings to raise awareness for this beautifully weird body of water.

Bedein’s “Dead Sea Story” website includes his photographs of salt formations covered with water, then later peeking out to sparkle under the hot Israeli sun.

These four time-lapse photos show the dramatic changes Bedein has documented with his camera.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021


 Cross posted from Grandma's Army

Since its inception, Israel has not been allowed to take its existence for granted, like every other nation on earth.

Although Israel is just a “dot” on the map, there are more international journalists in Israel per capita than in any other place in the world. The eyes of the world quite literally watch and judge whatever takes place there.

Even after decades of independence, the existence of the State of Israel is still not recognized by some states and international bodies, while others are even pledged to bring about its destruction. In addition, criteria of judgement which differ from those applied to any other nation, are applied to Israel.

Having achieved independence, Israel still found itself in an ongoing battle  for recognition and for its right to life. Under constant threat of violence or war, Israel’s achievements have, nonetheless, been remarkable:

It has taken a neglected, desolate landscape and turned it into a place of farms, forests, nature reserves, and thriving towns.

It has taken immigrants from a hundred countries, speaking eighty languages, and turned them into a nation.

It has taken a people, devastated by the Holocaust, and given the opportunity to make a life for themselves.

It has created a modern economy, with almost no resources, other than the creative gifts of its people.

It has sustained democracy in a part of the world that has never known it before.

It has taken Hebrew, the language of the Bible, and made it speak again.

It has benefitted the world with many innovations in every sphere of human endeavor.

One of its many challenges is the blatant falsehood that Israel is the aggressor; that it has not sought peace. The choice is not between supporting Israel or supporting the “Palestinians”, but between peace or violence. Peace is sacred, violence a desecration. Too many lives have been lost, and too much blood has been shed. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Defense for Children International – Palestine Section – How Sick is This?

 Click Here for Full Report

Defense for Children International-Palestine (DCI-P) is a Palestinian NGO that claims to promote Palestinian children’s rights. However, numerous individuals with alleged ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist organization have been employed and appointed as board members at DCI-P. The PFLP is designated as a terrorist organization by the USEUCanada, and Israel.

DCI-P seeks to convince government officials, UN bodies, and the general public that Israel is systematically abusing Palestinian children. This campaign, known as “No Way to Treat a Child,” provides false and inaccurate information regarding Palestinian minors and their interaction with Israeli legal and security frameworks. DCI-P receives funding from UNICEF-oPt – UNICEF’s branch in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza – and serves as an NGO “implementing partner” on various UNICEF projects. DCI-P is also member of UNICEF’s child protection Working Group, ostensibly charged with monitoring and reporting on violations against Palestinian children (see NGO Monitor’s report “UNICEF and its NGO Working Group”). 

In addition to funding from UNICEF, DCI-P has also received support from the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat – which was a joint NGO funding mechanism of the governments of Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, and the Netherlands.



Monday, July 12, 2021

Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing and the PA


Israeli Arab Arrested for Spying for Iran

How can one build trust within the population when some Arab citizens of the State are doing their utmost to destroy it?

Yaakub Abu al-Qian, a Bedouin millionaire and who was a candidate to serve as a Member of Knesset, was arrested on June 10 on suspicion of maintaining illicit contacts with a Lebanese-Iraqi source and through him with Iranian intelligence, to whom he passed information, the Shin Bet revealed Monday.

The investigation revealed that Abu al-Qian, 46, who is close to public figures in Israel and was a candidate to run on Moshe Yaalon’s Telem list in 2019, had a longstanding relationship with Hyder al-Mashhadani, who serves as a liaison for Iranian intelligence.

As part of the connection, Abu al-Qian provided him with updates on what is happening in Israel.

The connection between the two also revolved around possible business opportunities in Arab countries in the region.

Justice minister, Shin Bet at odds over bill banning illegally obtained evidence

The investigation also shows that Abu al-Qian asked at a certain point to meet with other operatives through Hyder al-Mashhadani, while he understood that these were Iranian elements and even emphasized the secrecy of the planned meeting between the parties.

In the end, despite Abu al-Qian’s willingness, the meeting did not take place.

Abu al-Qian was held in the Shin Bet’s custody after his arrest without contact with a lawyer, as is customary in espionage cases.

Abu al-Qian’s investigation was concluded this week. The Southern District Attorney’s Office filed a serious indictment in the Be’er Sheva District Court charging him with contact with a foreign agent and providing information to the enemy.

A multi-millionaire, Abu al-Qian owns a contracting company that builds residential and public buildings in Bedouin localities. He also owns a manpower company in the fields of construction, cleaning and agriculture, and enjoys business and financial connections in the Palestinian Authority.

Initially from the Bedouin village of Hura in the Negev, he resided in recent years in the upscale Jewish town of Meitar, just outside Be’er Sheva.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

South Korea 1, Palestine 0

South Korea Signs Agreement for Israeli Vaccines that Palestinians Rejected

The Israel-South Korea vaccine agreement disproves the Palestinians’ claim that it rejected 1 million doses of coronavirus vaccines because they were too close to their expiration date.

Israel and South Korea signed a mutual vaccine supply agreement on Tuesday which will “facilitate the effective utilization of the present and future vaccine inventories of both countries.”

According to the agreement, Israel will immediately transfer approximately 700,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine to South Korea for the vaccination of its citizens by the end of July.

In June, the Palestinian Authority rejected 1 million doses of coronavirus vaccines from Israel only hours after a deal was announced, claiming the doses were too close to their expiration date.

Israel disproved that claim, both by administering the doses to its citizens and by signing the agreement with South Korea.

In the exchange announced on Tuesday, South Korea will return the same quantity of vaccines to Israel from a future order in September-October 2021.

This is the first agreement of its kind for the exchange of coronavirus vaccines that has been signed between Israel and another country.

“The State of Israel welcomes the agreement and sees mutual advantages in it for both Israel and South Korea,” the Prime Minister’s Office stated.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has spoken with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla recently to facilitate the deal.

Bennett said that “we have made a win-win deal: South Korea will receive vaccines from our existing stocks and we will receive vaccines from their future shipment.”


Monday, July 5, 2021

The UN - Ideology or Truth?

 From 2006 to 2019, the UN Human Rights Council condemned Israel 85 times
 – more than double any other country, notes Arab-Israeli activist Yoseph Haddad.

Regimes like Iran received only nine condemnations and North Korea 12, 
he adds. “Is Israel really so much worse than all other nations?”
The UN Security Council “should be ashamed of itself,” says Israeli Ambassador 
to the UN Gilad Erdan.

Both men stress how important it is to continue fighting for the truth at the UN.

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Israel's Unique Public Diplomacy Dilemma


Amb. Alan Baker


  • Despite an internationally recognized right to defend itself against terror attacks, Israel's public diplomacy fails to convince the international and Western media and political elements, which, for many and varied reasons, demonstrate an ingrained propensity to prejudge Israel negatively.
  • The initial few days of international sympathy and understanding for Israel's right to defend its population inevitably and rapidly metamorphosed into a wave of condemnation and accusations. The change came with the deliberate propagation of a false and distorted equivalence between a terror organization blatantly violating humanitarian norms and a democratic state legitimately defending itself against terror.
  • In so doing, the media chooses to ignore the Palestinian use of its civilian population as human shields and the blatant abuse of hospitals, schools, mosques, private homes, public buildings as rocket emplacements and weapons storage facilities, and the hundreds of kilometers of offensive, strategic tunnels under Gaza that endanger civilian life above.
  • Israel's public diplomacy could better rely on credible international military expertise, on vocal support by local and foreign Arab experts, as well as the real-time provision of accurate information to diplomatic missions and Jewish communities.
  • Public diplomacy should bring to the attention of the international community the extensive and illegal use and abuse of children by Hamas for military and propaganda purposes, as well as the illegal use of incendiary balloons and other anti-environment and anti-ecology weapons to destroy Israel's agriculture and to pollute its environment.
  • Public diplomacy must seek to annul the artificial linkage that Hamas is attempting to generate, into which the international media is buying, between events in the Gaza Strip and the daily civil governance of Jerusalem. Pursuant to the PLO-Israel Oslo Accords, Hamas has no standing regarding Jerusalem and cannot artificially manipulate the international community into accepting any such false linkage.

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