Thursday, November 29, 2012

FIFA to Rebuild Gaza Stadium

Now FIFA is pledging to rebuild the soccer stadium in Gaza that the IDF targeted during Operation Pillar of Defense (original story is  here on FIFA website, near the bottom of the page).

Does FIFA not know that the reason it was targeted was because it was used as a long-range rocket launching site? This is the site from which rockets were fired toward Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

See the tweet from the IDF during the operation:

Below is the infographic about the stadium.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

How Bad Reporting goes on and on

A summary of the simply dishonest reporting that is on going whenever Israel responds to the constant provocations by Hamas can be seen in this short video.

This just confirms the need for constant vigilance by readers and viewers plus writing to the media sources whenever such instances occur

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Summary of "Pillar of Defense"

With the ceasefire agreement regarding the fighting in the south coming into effect following eight days of operations, it is quite clear that, in spite of the “victory celebrations” going on in Gaza, the IDF has surely accomplished the main goal in Operation Pillar of Defense of inflicting severe damage to Hamas and its military capabilities.

As a result of IDF operations, the command and control apparatus of Hamas was significantly struck and the targeting of broad terrorist infrastructure, facilities and military bases, as well as the destruction of dozens of smuggling and explosive tunnels.

During the operation, the IDF damaged and destroyed significant elements of Hamas' strategic capabilities, among them. Amongst those capabilities were long-range (over 40 km) and hundreds of short- and medium-range rocket launchers. These actions have severely impaired Hamas' launching capabilities, resulting in a decreasing number of rockets being fired from the Gaza Strip. The 'Iron Dome' defense system has accomplished high rate of successful interceptions (84%) and Hamas' accuracy with regards to hitting populated areas within Israel remained below 7%.

IDF soldiers, in regular and reserve military service, gathered in assembly areas and prepared for the ground operation. Their time was used for training and improving their operational capabilities.

Over the course of Operation Pillar of Defense, the IDF targeted:-

a) over 1,500 terror sites including

b) 19 senior command centers, operational control centers and Hamas' senior-rank headquarters,

c) 30 senior operatives, damaging Hamas' command and control,

d) hundreds of underground rocket launchers,

e) 140 smuggling tunnels,

f) 66 terror tunnels,

g) dozens of Hamas operation rooms and bases,

h) 26 weapon manufacturing and storage facilities

i) dozens of long-range rocket launchers and launch sites.

Senior Operatives Targeted:

• Ahmed Jabari, head of Hamas' military wing - targeted on November 14

• Hab's Hassan Us Msamch, senior operative in Hamas' police - targeted on November 15

• Ahmed Abu Jalal, Commander of the military wing in Al-Muazi - targeted on November 16

• Khaled Shayer, senior operative in the anti-tank operations - targeted on November 16

• Osama Kadi, senior operative in the smuggling operations in the southern Gaza Strip - targeted on November 17

• Muhammad Kalb, senior operative in the aerial defense operations - targeted on November 17

• Ramz Harb, Islamic Jihad senior operative in propaganda in Gaza city - targeted on November 19

Number of Rocket Launches Toward Israel During the Operation:

• November 14: 75 rockets

• November 15: 316 rockets

• November 16: 228 rockets

• November 17: 237 rockets

• November 18: 156 rockets

• November 19: 143 rockets

• November 20: 221 rockets

• November 21 (Until 21:00): 130 rockets
   (It should be noted that a further 20 rockets were fired after 21:00 hrs)

Rocket Launched Towards Israel:

• Total number of rockets launched from the Gaza Strip: 1,506 rockets

• Number of rockets hit open areas: 875 rockets

• Number of rockets hit urban areas: 58 rockets (3.8%)

• "Iron Dome" interceptions: 421 rockets

• Failed launching attempts: 152 rockets

Israeli Casualties:

• Fatalities: 5

• Injuries: 240

• Suffering from PTSD : ?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Even the Disabled are Under Attack

Aleh Hanegen is the village caring for Israel’s disabled. They are under attack from HAMAS

• In the past 24 hours, a rocket landed in the Safari Center of Aleh Negev-Nahalat Eran and another rocket injured one of our workers in a direct hit to her car on her way to the night shift in the village.

• Residents have been sleeping in sheltered rooms in Aleh Negev and Aleh Moriah in Gedera, including highly-dependent residents requiring round-the-clock nursing care.

• Homeland Security and VIP officers visited the village to review safety measures in effect, while social workers provide ongoing support to staff.

• A Day Care center opened in Aleh Negev for children of workers. The children happily interacted with young residents from the hospital wing.

• Although school is officially closed; vocational programs and therapies are being held inside residences or sheltered rooms.

• Aleh Bnei Brak has taken in 2 disabled youngsters from the south of Israel; they are currently staying in the residence and attending the school on premises. The facility remains on high alert; all residents are moved quickly and efficiently into protected shelters when sirens sound.

• Evacuation procedures were practiced in Aleh Jerusalem after the code red alarm sounded on Friday night. A dedicated team of volunteers signed up to sleep in the residences every night.

• In addition to absorbing disabled people from the southern region who lack shelters in their own homes, Aleh Negev is currently caring for a Thai man who was injured in a previous rocket attack near the Kissufim Crossing. During every siren, staff provide him with lots of emotional and physical support.

The staff and volunteers at all of Aleh’s facilities have been exemplary in their dedication, performing their jobs under fire. They are on duty round the clock, putting their lives on hold to ensure the safety of residents and preserve an air of normalcy and calm

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Palestinian and the "Settler"

A story received from a Jewish citizen in Gush Etzion, a Jewish community in the West Bank near Jerusalem depicts the reality of life which is somehow very different t the "stories" reported in the media:

Location:- Friday night, Shabbat, the synagogue in an Eastern Gush Etzion settlement.

We hear an alarm on Friday night. We think and wonder, but do not do anything. Then a loud explosion is heard. Sirens of the security forces are sounded and messages broadcast on the need to find shelter.

Then there is another alarm, and this time everyone runs downstairs to the room underneath the synagogue to take cover. Children and grandchildren in our arms to get down as soon as possible.

The phone rings. The Emergency squad member holding the mobile phone which is on although it is Saturday and answers.

The voice is a voice he is used to hearing. The voice on the line speaks with an Arab accent: "Pinni, Shabbat Shalom," says Muhammad, with panic in his voice. "Pinni, an alarm has sounded and there are explosions, what are we supposed to do?"

Muhammad is a friend of Pinni, from a neighboring village, an Arab village. They have no shelter and are not aware of the rules behavior under missile attack.

Pinni explains to Muhammad that we are under missile attack from Gaza, and to go inside his house and to stay away from windows.

"Thanks Pinni," admitted Muhammad and apologized that he had called on Saturday.

This is reality, Arab "Palestinian" calls to a befriended "settler" to get instructions on how to defend himself against his brother Palestinian offensive missiles from Gaza.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The “Iron Dome” Interceptor System

With the remarkable success rate of interceptions, the Israeli developed “Iron Dome” system is attracting attention from many corners of the globe.

As of today 18th November, here are a few facts about the system:=

Cost of the project app $0.65 billion

Cost per interceptor $50,000 (note that 2 are fired for each planned interception)

Success rate currently 90%, over 265 missiles intercepted.

Number of units currently operating 5 ( planned to have 10-15 covering the whole country)

The fifth newly installed battery – Friday - hit the rockets launched at Tel Aviv, a long range rocket

This is important because:

a) Iron Dome was theoretically set up for short range rockets only

b) This sends a message to Hizbollah with a much larger and more sophisticated arsenal

And what does Hizbollah possess?

Quoting Dr Ronen Bergman who uses Western intelligence sources:

• 30-40,000 short range 107mm rockets

• 42,000 122mm – range of just over 30km

• 5-6,000 mid to long range

• 50-100 Scud D. Range 700 km. Currently under wraps in Syria

Medical Supplies in Gaza

Operation Pillar of Defense

Information Overview: Medical Supplies in Gaza

Background Overview:

The long standing shortage of medicines and medical supplies in Gaza stems primarily from a dysfunctional relationship between the Palestinian Ministries of Health in Gaza and Ramallah. The conflicts between the two offices have resulted not only in a shortage of medicines and supplies, but also in restricted access to medical treatments for patients outside of Gaza.

The Coordination and Liaison Administration to Gaza:

1. The CLA works to ensure that patients from Gaza have the access they need to get medical treatments.

2. Of the thousands of patients that requested permits to enter Israel for medical treatments, 99.3% were approved. Patients were only denied permits when it was determined that they could receive necessary treatment inside Gaza (Sept 2012).

3. From January to October 2012, more than 14,500 permits were issued by the Gaza CLA for patients and their chaperones to leave Gaza through the Erez Crossing.

4. All the requests for medical supplies (equipment and medicine) submitted by the international community to the Gaza CLA have been approved for entry into Gaza.

5. On average medical supply requests (medicines and light equipment) are approved within a span of 24-72 hours. Coordination of approved medical supplies is completed within one working day after the organization submits the intended day of import.

6. Since September 2012, international organizations, in coordination with the Gaza CLA, have impoted 32 trucks of drugs and medical supplies through Kerem Shalom Crossing. This has included spare parts for dialysis machines, helium for MRI machines, and three fully equipped ambulances. An additional five loads of medicine were imported into Gaza through the Erez Crossing through special coordination.

Shortages and Restricted Access:

1. The restricted medical supplies in Gaza are marked by a shortage of 400-500 varieties of medical equipment (out of a defined 700), including a shortage of surgical and anesthetic equipment.

2. There is an average shortage of 33% of desired types of drugs at any given time.

3. According to the World Health Organization, the process of referrals for patients from Gaza to receive treatment in Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan was suspended for nearly 10 days due to disagreements between the Ramallah and Gaza Health Ministries. As a result, a 38% reduction in monthly referrals left several hundred patients without necessary treatment.

4. The WHO reports that due to the failure of the Palestinian Ministry of Health to pay its accruing debts to Jordan, Jordanian hospitals refused to accept government referrals of patients from Gaza.

5. Medical suppliers are often reluctant to sell supplies to Gaza since there are issues with non-payment.

Operation Pillar of Defense:

1. Gaza hospitals are reported to be at 80% capacity, only slightly higher than intake then during routine periods.

2. On November 17th, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories updated Hassin el Alshich that, despite the problematic security situation and the ongoing rocket fire, it would be possible to transfer medical supplies into Gaza.

3. Tomorrow morning, 18 November 2012, 10 Red Cross trucks with medical supplies and one UNRWA truck are scheduled to enter Gaza via Kerem Shalom Crossing. Two trucks have been designated as being of particular importance as they are carrying much needed anesthetics and bandages.

4. Since the start of the operation there have been two reported incidents of light damage to medical facilities due to shocks from Israeli air strikes on terrorist infrastructure in the vicinity.

a. Light damage to windows and doors of the Al-Quds hospital and the nearby Palestinian Red Crescent station in the Gaza district. Two Al Quds workers also sustained light injuries.

b. Light damage to windows in the Al-Karma hospital in the Jabaliya District.

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Eilat

The following letter from a traveller to Eilat reflects the matter of fact nature of life in the shadow of the threat from Gaza.

This is all so surreal.

I'm in flight now between Tel Aviv and Eilat. (I'll send this email when we land). In the distance off to the right we just saw two rockets launched from Gaza toward Beer Sheva and we saw Iron Dome missles launch and intercept them.

This is quite unreal. They were pretty far away so we heard nothing - just these distant streaks of light racing up Many years ago in combat I saw both incoming and outgoing missles. While it was kind of cool the reality of that situation was very stressful. The disconnect was the same as even then it seemed that I was in some sort of a sci fi movie although the pain and death were too real.

Before taking off I checked with staff and although could not reach everyone as the telephone system is cracking under the over use which is beyond capacity. Everyone was ok as of 30 minutes ago.

Pilot has just announced air raid sirens going off in Beer Sheva - I can see flashes of what looks like red lights - pilot back - 8 rockets launched from Gaza and 8 direct hits by Iron Dome missiles.

One of the problems is the vast amount of weapons, especially missiles, that were raided from Libyan army bases after the fall of Ghadafi. The new Egyptian government, headed by Muslim Brotherhood, has opened the border from Egypt to Gaza to allow these weapons in.

This war will be controlled in a weird way by Hamas. Israel prefers that it would end now by as Hamas escalates Israel shall escalate. I fear Israel will be suckered into another ground war. The crazy reality of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, AQ in Iraq and Libya, Hizballah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza is that the more they are attacked the more volunteers they get. As they have a death-cult culture, where they glorify death as actually being the better life and goal of life, they are in a sort of no loss position. So while the natural instinct is to keep hitting Hamas harder and harder until they stop shooting, the strategy is also counter-productive. Isn't this like a Greek myth?

Something about Hercules fighting this 7 headed dragon where every time he cut off a head two would grow in its place. I can't remember how he prevailed but maybe it was lifting the dragon off the ground ?

Can't remember.

Well we are approaching Eilat now so have to sign off.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pallywood is alive and well

Once again in the conflict with the Palestinians, the media is being manipulated with photos and videos that are either false or taken at a different time or place.

a) In this first case, the so called “injured” man was “miraculously” cured and photographed moments later walking around normally. Pictures in the “incident can ber seen at  and a video of the same “incident” at  

b) In this second case a photo published from the Syrian civil war has been reproduced as a Palestinian father holding his dead child – see picture

There will probably be many more such Pallywood picturess in the coming weeks.
This link gives yet another example and also tells you how you can check any photo out to see its first use on the Internet:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Pillar of Defense"

Finally the government has taken steps to stop the incessant rocket fire on southern Israel. Already this year close to 900 rockets have been fired. that is an average rate of 3 per day.

The main goals of this operation are :- 

   1) The goal of Israel’s operation is clearly defined and is aimed at removing a strategic threat to Israeli citizens. Israel is not interested in a deterioration of the situation.

       2) Israel has demonstrated great restrain for a long period but cannot stand for the recurring attacks on its citizens. No other state would accept a similar reality.

    3) Israel is acting in self-defense and out of its duty to protect its civilians from terrorist attacks.

    4) Hamas rules the Gaza Strip and is responsible for all that occurs in Gaza and all that is launched from there.

     5) It must be noted that Israel disengaged completely from the Gaza Strip in 2005. The result of Israel’s disengagement is that Gaza has become a giant ammunition dump. In addition, it provides a breeding ground for terrorist groups to organize and to operate, including groups associated with al-Qaeda and Global Jihad. All this under the rule, responsibility and sponsorship of Hamas.

      6) Weapons smuggled from Libya, Iran and Sudan accelerated the process of Gaza turning into a terror base. These weapons also increased the danger posed to the Israeli population.

     7) Hamas and the other terrorist organizations hide among the civilian population of Gaza. They also deliberately direct their fire at the civilian population of Israel. These acts constitute a double war crime.

     8) The targets of the Israeli operation are all military. Israel will make every effort to prevent harm to the civilian population of Gaza, and regrets any injury to civilians.

   9) e border crossings from Israel to the Gaza Strip remain open, allowing for the routine passage of goods and humanitarian aid.

0) The international community must act to stop the attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip and should not wait for an Israeli reaction to act. Time and again, Israel has warned that it would not tolerate these attacks.

See in the video below the pinpoint accuracy of the targetting of Ahmed al-Jabari and the minimum collateral damage.

And now HAMAS is looking to escalate the conflict further as we see in the video below the Farj-5 missiles being loaded into and underground launch site. These missiles are capable of reaching Tel Aviv.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hamas police beat peaceful female protesters in Gaza

This with thanks to CIF WAtch

  On March 8, the Guardian published “International Women’s Day highlights hurdles obstructing women“, (co-authored by 12 Guardian correspondents, including the paper’s Jerusalem correspondent, Harriet Sherwood), on the subjugation of women around the world.

Sherwood’s contribution, on the abrogation of women’s rights in the region she covers, didn’t mention female genital mutilation, honor killings , an endemic culture of misogyny, nor the impunity granted to men who physically and sexually abuse their spouses, throughout in Gaza and the PA.

Harriet Sherwood not only ignored the egregious violation of womens’ rights in the Palestinian territories, but, instead, devoted 118 words to the alleged injustice meted out to a female Palestinian terrorist affiliated with Islamic Jihad held in an Israeli jail named Hana Shalabi.

So, it’s not surprising that neither Sherwood, nor any of her Guardian colleagues, have reported the following about an incident in Gaza on Nov. 6:

Hamas police violently attacked a group of women who were peacefully protesting on Tuesday in front of the Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza. The women were calling for Palestinian reconciliation and sent a request to protest to Hamas which was ignored. Using sticks and batons, Hamas police attacked the women and dispersed the protest.

Another report included the following information:

The protest, organized by women’s organizations including the general union of Palestinian women, was held outside the parliament building.

Iktimal Hamad, a member of the union’s secretariat, told Ma’an that police ordered protesters to leave the area.

“Women refused to leave, because this is a right for every human being to express their opinions and demand their rights,” Hamad told Ma’an.

“We were verbally insulted and hit by fists and sticks. Police tried to arrest some of us but despite that we will continue with our campaign which calls for ending the division,” she added.

Journalist Samya al-Zubeidi said female police officers hit her and ordered her to stop filming.

“They beat me up, in addition to female police officers, (male) police officers also attacked women protesters,” al-Zubeidi told Ma’an.

Interestingly, a Gulf News report on the incident quoted a Fatah spokesperson condemning the attack on Gazan women, thus:

"Hamas’ violent attack against the women gives the entire Palestinian population a bad reputation internationally,”

However, any negative publicity for the Palestinian cause in response to the beating of peaceful female protesters in Gaza could only be created if “liberal” media institutions such as the Guardian actually reported the story.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

American Doctors Vote for Rambam

On November 6th, Election Day in the USA, a delegation of 20 North American doctors came to Rambam Health Care Campus  and pledged their readiness to be "drafted" to help Israel in times of national emergency

The physicians have promised that in an Israeli national crisis, they will come here to help––for example, by taking the place of surgeons and other hospital doctors who have been called to the battlefront.

The physicians were given a survey of Rambam’s disaster management network, and also voted with their feet by touring the Emergency Room and the Sammy Ofer Fortified Underground Emergency Hospital>.

“I’ve spent several years trying to learn best practices in emergency department disaster preparedness,” said Dr. Peter Sananman of Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. “This was a great opportunity to learn best-in-class systems and processes from those who’ve learned from experience."

The delegation was sent to Rambam by the American Physicians Fellowship for Medicine in Israel (APF, est. 1950). The organization’s flagship program gives fellowships to Israeli doctors for advanced clinical training in the USA and Canada. The APF also annually sends members to Israel for an Emergency and Disaster Management Course offered in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and the IDF Medical Corps.

The APF is the only North American body designated by the State of Israel to maintain an Emergency Medical Volunteer (EMV) Registry. Most recently, Registry members took part in a nationwide Israeli drill testing the health care system's preparedness for a massive earthquake. “Their response to the simulated call-up was phenomenal," says APF Israel Director Amir Blumenfeld, MD. "Sixty-eight physicians immediately volunteered to be in Israel within forty-eight hours."

To watch the visit of the American doctors,

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Christian Arab Youth Come Under Fire over Desire to Enlist in IDF

Danny Brenner - Yisrael Hayom

The Arab media is waging an unrestrained and vicious campaign against a small group of Christian Arab youth who wish to serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

Two weeks ago, a conference was held at an Upper Nazareth community center for 121 Christian 11th and 12th grade high school students, all residents of Nazareth, Upper Nazareth, and Arab villages in the Lower Galilee region, who had expressed their desire to enlist in the IDF, even in combat units. Every year, some 50 youths from the Christian Israeli-Arab sector enlist for military duty.

After the conference, some Arabic newspapers and online news sites began a smear campaign against the participants, depicting them as traitors. Journalists wrote articles promising to "take care of them" and hunt them down. The Arab Orthodox local council in Nazareth announced that priest Jobrail Nadaf, who took part in the event and supports IDF enlistment among Christian Arab-Israeli youth, had been suspended from his duties as priest and excommunicated from his church for "cooperating with the enemy."

The Israel Defense Ministry said in a statement that it "will not accept that people who work to promote this issue come under threat or attack, and it will act to grant the greatest possible aid and support to all those being threatened."