Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goals of the HAMAS

The the reports of a unity agreement between Fatah and Hamas, it is worth reminding ourselves of the openly declared goals of Hamas. If the world expects Israel to try to reach an agreement here, they must be out of their minds.

The Goals

"The Islamic Resistance Movement is a distinguished Palestinian movement, whose allegiance is to Allah, and whose way of life is Islam. It strives to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine." (Article 6)

On the destruction of Israel:

"Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it." (Preamble)

The exclusive Moslem nature of the area:

"The land of Palestine is an Islamic Waqf [Holy Possession] consecrated for future Moslem generations until Judgment Day. No one can renounce it or any part, or abandon it or any part of it." (Article 11)

"Palestine is an Islamic land... Since this is the case, the Liberation of Palestine is an individual duty for every Moslem wherever he may be." (Article 13)

The call to jihad:

"The day the enemies usurp part of Moslem land, Jihad becomes the individual duty of every Moslem. In the face of the Jews' usurpation, it is compulsory that the banner of Jihad be raised." (Article 15)

"Ranks will close, fighters joining other fighters, and masses everywhere in the Islamic world will come forward in response to the call of duty, loudly proclaiming: 'Hail to Jihad!'. This cry will reach the heavens and will go on being resounded until liberation is achieved, the invaders vanquished and Allah's victory comes about." (Article 33)

Rejection of a negotiated peace settlement:

"[Peace] initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement... Those conferences are no more than a means to appoint the infidels as arbitrators in the lands of Islam... There is no solution for the Palestinian problem except by Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are but a waste of time, an exercise in futility." (Article 13)

Condemnation of the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty:

"Egypt was, to a great extent, removed from the circle of struggle [against Zionism] through the treacherous Camp David Agreement. The Zionists are trying to draw other Arab countries into similar agreements in order to bring them outside the circle of struggle. ...Leaving the circle of struggle against Zionism is high treason, and cursed be he who perpetrates such an act." (Article 32)

Anti-Semitic incitement:

The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight Jews and kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will cry out: 'O Moslem, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him." (Article 7)

"The enemies have been scheming for a long time ... and have accumulated huge and influential material wealth. With their money, they took control of the world media... With their money they stirred revolutions in various parts of the globe... They stood behind the French Revolution, the Communist Revolution and most of the revolutions we hear about... With their money they formed secret organizations - such as the Freemasons, Rotary Clubs and the Lions - which are spreading around the world, in order to destroy societies and carry out Zionist interests... They stood behind World War I ... and formed the League of Nations through which they could rule the world. They were behind World War II, through which they made huge financial gains... There is no war going on anywhere without them having their finger in it." (Article 22)

"Zionism scheming has no end, and after Palestine, they will covet expansion from the Nile to the Euphrates River. When they have finished digesting the area on which they have laid their hand, they will look forward to more expansion. Their scheme has been laid out in the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion'." (Article 32)

"The HAMAS regards itself the spearhead and the vanguard of the circle of struggle against World Zionism... Islamic groups all over the Arab world should also do the same, since they are best equipped for their future role in the fight against the warmongering Jews." (Article 32)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Israel Joins Nuclear Research Association

Today (Sunday), 17.4.11, Israel's membership in the European Organization for Nuclear Research – CERN. was approved. Who says there is a boycott of Israeli expertise?

CERN is the largest scientific organization of its kind in the world, in the field of physics, and it has created the most sophisticated, advanced and expensive scientific infrastructure in the world in the field of particle acceleration and "Big Science." Israel's membership in the organization is a step of the highest scientific, industrial and diplomatic significance.

Joining CERN is a great scientific and diplomatic achievement for Israel: This achievement reflects the latent capabilities of Israeli scientists and constitutes recognition of their ability. Israel is joining an exclusive club, which provides unusual visibility, exposure, prestige and international status.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bahai temple in Haifa reopens after $6 million renovation

The Bahai holy site in Haifa reopened Tuesday following two-and-a-half years of renovations.

· The Shrine of the Bab, a UN-designated World Heritage site, reopened following a $6 million renovation, which included covering the temple’s dome with 11,790 new gold-glazed porcelain tiles.

· The structure has been refitted and even strengthened to withstand an earthquake.

· The Shrine is in honour of Bab, who was venerated as a prophet and later buried in the Mediterranean port city of Haifa.

· The project was overseen by a Bahai engineer from California, Saeid Samadi, who was born in Iran, where Bahais have long suffered persecution for their beliefs and where the Bahai faith was declared illegal after the 1979 Islamic revolution.

· The Bahai faith, which has roots in 19th century Iran and has between 5 and 6 million adherents worldwide, is one of Israel’s lesser known religious groups.

· It has been reported that as many as 750,000 people visited the Haifa shrine last year.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And More Good News (Part 2)

Educating world bankers.

At a Jerusalem conference Prof Stanley Fischer advised senior economists from central banks in the US, Europe, Asia, and South America, from the IMF, the BIS, and the OECD.

Irish bank fights fraud with Israeli software.

The Bank of Ireland can’t afford to lose any more cash.

“Intelligent” advertising.

Israeli startup justAd.TV has developed an application to broadcast advertisements during video on demand shows and movies.

No need to touch anything.

Israeli companies eyeSight and PrimeSense are at the forefront of touch-free technology. Applications include controlling computers, navigation systems, games, fitness training etc.

We can test it.

Israeli company uTest provides a service for start-ups to test new smartphone applications.

Fast-track to Jerusalem.

New tunnels and bridges will shorten Route 1 between Tel Aviv and Israel’s capital city. Extra lanes will cut travel time by half an hour in 2016.

Six (6) year-old Israeli sensation.

Pianist prodigy Yoav Levanon will perform at Carnegie Hall next week. In the second video you can see that he’s too small to sit on the piano stool!

Only in Israel – Deaf-blind theatre.

The world’s only centre for professional deaf & blind actors is in Jaffa.

Israeli gymnast wins European Silver.

Alexander Shatilov won a silver medal at the 2011 European Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Berlin in the men's floor exercise. Look for him at the London 2012 Olympics.,7340,L-4054322,00.html

The Iron Dome works!

The newly deployed system successfully intercepted its first Grad rocket fired by Gaza terrorists at residents of Ashkelon. A further 9 were shot down as terrorists fired hundreds of missiles.

Don’t blind me with facts!

Palestinian Arabs have one of the world’s highest percentages of home ownership – over 80% - even in Gaza. These are the PA’s own figures.

Black student leaders support Israel.

In an open letter, the Vanguard Leadership Group slams as “offensive” accusations of Apartheid by anti-Israel students.

Muslims speak out for Israel.

Amran Hassan at the UN and Hasan Afzal of British Muslims for Israel.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lots of good News Stories from Israel (Part 1)

Lots of Good News stories emanationg from Israel this week with thanks to Michael and Lynette Ordman for the compilation

Israeli aid team in Japan. Some clips of the IDF providing assistance in the devastated country.

Israeli & Iranian teams work together in Japan. Shhh! Don’t let Mahmoud Ahmadinejad know this.,7340,L-4051865,00.html

Israeli exoskeleton launches in UK. ReWalk allows paraplegics to stand and walk up stairs.

Europe approves Israeli treatment. Only last month Brainsway’s trials of its magnetic cortex stimulation treatment for Parkinson’s were successful. This week it received EU CE Mark certification to market it.

Vegan alternative for medical testing. An Israeli company, CollPlant, has found a way to replace animal sources for the production of collagen, a major bio-material used in the medical device industry.

Treatment for overweight diabetics. MetaCure’s gastric stimulation system is designed to help type II diabetes patients lower their blood glucose and control their eating habits and body weight.

Solving hunger – bigger, healthier seeds. Israeli agricultural research company, Kalima, is developing high-quality crops without using genetic engineering.

Stents for the brain. Israel was a pioneer of the medical stent for unblocking arteries around the heart. Now ITGI Medical has successfully completed studies of its brain stents that could save millions of lives.

Israeli biotech booms. Four new life-science companies have launched in the first 3 months of 2011 (more than the whole of 2010) and several more are planned for the first half of the year. The 21 winners of the Bio Convention Contest for Life Sciences Companies shows how Israel is at the forefront of medical innovation.

How a medical start-up grows. SMT has developed a filter to protect the brain from clots during minimally invasive procedures. Its chances for success have just been boosted by $10.5 million of funding.

Israel Good Deeds Day. 130,000 Israelis volunteered to help in hundreds of projects around the country. Some examples are pictured here.,7340,L-4052131,00.html

ZAKA expands International Rescue Unit. The Israel-based, UN-recognized volunteer rescue and recovery organization will recruit and train teams of volunteers worldwide to act as emergency medical first responders.

Watch your donation light-up African lives. Israeli solar technology company SolarEdge Technologies and Jewish Heart for Africa show on-line how sponsors are lighting up schools, clinics and orphanages in Africa.

Israel-Korea Chamber of Commerce inaugurated. The Korean delegation of coalition and opposition MPs announced South Korea’s goal to advance commercial and economic relations with Israel.,7340,L-4051027,00.html

Demand for high-tech Israeli workers. On average each job seeker can choose between at least 3 offers.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yes, they can: Israeli call center employs the disabled

A unique business empowers people with a range of disabilities to succeed in the workplace that traditionally shunned them Call Yachol ( is a one-of-a-kind Israeli call center employing 180 Jewish and Arab disabled adults.

In Hebrew, the name means “Everyone Can.”
Psychologist Gil Winch, founder of the venture, says there is no reason for these employees’ mental or physical limitations to keep them from excelling on the job. But most have suffered from being shunned by mainstream employers and lack self-confidence in their potential. Up to 90 percent of severely disabled adults face chronic unemployment.

Winch implemented a parent-based management model where workers are given affection and have scheduled time for team fun. The unusual arrangement has garnered interest from people in several countries looking to replicate the idea.

See video at

Now based Rishon Lezion, future Call Yachol centers are planned for Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

A Palestinian ''Gift'' for Passover- A Kick in the Teeth

Official Palestinian Promotion of Terrorism

The Palestinian Authority has just honored the terrorist mastermind responsible for the ''Passover Massacre'', a terrorist atrocity which claimed the lives of 30 innocent Israeli citizens attending the 'Seder'', the traditional Passover meal, at Netanya's Park Hotel on March 27, 2002. The Seder, symbolizing the liberation f the Jewish People from slavery in Egypt, is the most family oriented of Jewish holidays, somewhat akin to Thanksgiving in terms of sentimental importance.

The Palestinian Authority has chosen a bizarre and troubling way to mark the upcoming Jewish festival of Passover. Despite an often voiced Palestinian commitment to end the glorification of terrorists and incitement to violence, on March 28 Issa Karake, the Palestinian Authority Minister of Prisoners' Affairs, visited the family of Hamas suicide-bomb mastermind Abbas Al-Sayed, awarding them with an official, festive plaque, in celebration of the anniversary of the massacre.

This honor is not the only example of official Palestinian glorification of violence. In recent weeks, the Palestinian leadership named a youth soccer competition in Ramallah after Wafa Idris, the first female suicide bomber. Similarly, they named a square in El Bireh, as well as two schools and a summer camp, in honor of Dalal Mughrabi, commander of the March 11, 1978 massacre of 38 bus passengers on Israel's coastal road.

So that is the Palestinian Authority who many world leaders beleve are interested in peace. And then so many people feel it unjustified that the a large majority of of the Israel population is sceptical

So now we move on the the Hamas in Gaza. As Netanyhu stated very clearly, the tartgeting of a school bus has crossed all red lines. And this is what it was - a deliberate targeting. An anti tank misssile is not like a mortat or Katysha, it is fired on a DIRECT trajectory to a predetermined target and since the target was 100%civilian, this by any definition of the UN is TERRORISM, not militancy as the the world media likes to describe it.

So when Israel reacts to defend its citizens, as one must in this part of the world because this is the nature of the animals we are fighting, suddenly the world starts criticising us again "Israel attacks Gaza Strip in worst violence since 2009 war" cries the Daily Telegraph" in its headline. "Fourteen Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip on Friday, the deadliest day of violence since the war more than two years ago." it continues. Not one word about the 70 missiles fired at Israeli civilians, see

And now after another 48 hours, terrorist organizations in Gaza fired over 120 Grad missiles, rockets and mortars at the Israeli home front, throughout southern Israel. Thankfully, since Thursday, about 10 Grad missiles and rockets were intercepted by IAF Aerial Defense Corps forces, using the "Iron Dome" system stationed in Beersheba and Ashkelon.

The farming communities of the Sha'ar Hanegev and Eshkol regional councils have been subjected to continuous mortar and rocket attacks. One of rockets that struck a kibbutz in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council, late on Saturday afternoon, hit a main water pipe. One rocket fell in the Eshkol Regional Council area and caused damage to homes. Three people remained hospitalized at the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon suffering from shock after experiencing rocket attacks. Six other shock victims were released to their homes. Rockets also fell in the Lachish region, in the western Negev.

As a friend of mine writes from these regions under attack “Last Friday an anti-tank missile hit a school bus leaving my Kibbutz after letting off our children from school, if this rocket hit about 5 min sooner a lot more children would have been hurt or killed. Again one child was hurt seriously, not from my Kibbutz and my heart is out to him. One day, I have this fear, one of these rockets will cause many injuries and death. We, in my area, live our daily lives with the fear of rockets falling and this past week, Israel had a warning of terrorist attacks inside communities surround Gaza. In the world media, it makes the headlines only if Israel attacks Gaza, of course this last attack that hit this school bus, it did make the news in the world, but you had to know what to look for. We in Israel want peace, do you in the world think we love sending our children and grandchildren to wars to fight and die in? do you think we love being targeted by rockets in our daily lives? Do you think we love reading about innocent people being killed in Gaza? If you do, then you have no idea of who we are. One last thing, if the Arabs wanted to lay down their weapons and make peace with Israel, life will improve for everyone, Arab and Jews. This area could be one of the leaders in the economy of the world, so instead of killing each other, we should be working together to make our lives better and better for the future of our children.”

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First an electric Car, Now an Israeli Battery

Evida - an Israeli battery under the hood By Karin Kloosterman - April 03, 2011 Israel 21C

First the Better Place electric car and now in a $250 million deal, Israel's Evida will supply the batteries, cooling systems and software tools to run Mia Electric's vehicles in Europe. Batteries for Mia Electric's vehicles will be supplied by Israeli company Evida. Racing from one business meeting to the next, Asher Bennett, the 42-year-old founder of Israeli electric battery maker Evida, couldn't elaborate on how he came up with the invention in such a short time. But the former military submarine man did say that his company has been in stealth mode for the last two years.

Under the media's radar until now, Evida has just signed a $250 million contract with the French-German automaker Mia Electric to manufacture its batteries. Funded with about $2 million from the Israeli venture capital firm Terra Venture Partners, and backed by private investment, Evida has been contracted to provide 50,000 8-kilowatt/hour battery packs for three of Mia's newest electric models, through to the year 2016. The deal was revealed after intense months of negotiations and was made public at the Geneva International Motor Show at the beginning of March. Mia will start rolling out its cars, powered by Israeli innovation, in June.

Born to American parents, Bennett spent a lot of time in the United States and speaks English fluently. Now living in Kfar Saba, Israel, he gave ISRAEL21c a brief background: "I got battery experience from being an officer in Israeli submarines -- ones that use batteries with fully electric drive trains." His motive for keeping things hush-hush was that he didn't want to create a huge buzz and then fizzle -- something all too common in the startup automotive landscape.

We've all heard about amazing companies attempting to create fuel from hydrogen, or air ... and then we hear nothing more. "We've been in discussion with many companies and were under the radar until recently -- until we'd proven ourselves," he says. Environmentalism fueled Bennett's passion. "The EV [technology] is one of the most cutting edge to come to the market. Where else do you get the opportunity to be part of one of the most important industries in the world - one that hasn't changed in the last 100 years?"

Evida currently runs operations in Israel, the United Kingdom, France and the United States (it's registered officially in California), plus a contracted manufacturing facility in China that employs 200 people. Fourteen of the company's 20 employees in Israel are engineers who have been working on the battery concept since 2009, a few years after the wheels in Bennett's mind began turning around the idea.

At its Jerusalem R&D center, Evida has created its own proprietary lithium-ion-phosphate battery pack. Unlike the extensive, and expensive, charging networks proposed by another Israeli electric car enabler, Better Place, Evida's batteries can be juiced from any ordinary electrical outlet at home, work or the shopping mall. In a pinch, a 10-minute "fast charge" will give the car an added range of about five miles.

Five-year contract

With a five-year contract in place, Evida will supply 10,000 battery packs a year to Mia for its zero-emission three- and four-seater Mia and Mia L, town cars, and a European-sized utility vehicle. Evida will provide a comprehensive vehicle integration solution including batteries, cooling systems, a battery management system and software tools. With a battery charge range of up to 90 kilometers, or 55 miles, Mia's battery can be recharged in three hours when hooked up to a standard European 220V power supply. Mia managing director Laurent Buffeteau said, "We appointed Evida based on their ability to provide a flexible, low-cost and high-quality battery pack solution tailored to the characteristics of our individual models, coupled with access to unrivalled expertise and a high level of durability for our customers." Now, other major players are lining up to talk with Bennett. Some smaller contracts in the range of a million or so dollars have also been signed.

The battery part was "easy"

Bennett reveals that developing the battery was the easy part. The hard part was adapting it to Mia's systems, with all the quality control and reliability checks and balances in place. He tells ISRAEL21c that he does not consider Better Place, now deploying an electric charge network in Israel and Denmark, to be a competitor. As he told the Israeli newspaper Globes: "Better Place will ultimately use another company's batteries, but it is familiar with our product, and I highly esteem the company. It's an amazing company that is driving the entire electric car industry forward, and it will go far."

Harold Wiener of Terra Ventures says that from the VC's perspective, "we believe that the right solution for mobility within cities is all-electric, zero-emissions vehicles including buses, taxis and trucks. There are no technological barriers for this to happen and prices of batteries will go down with escalation of production lines all over the world and mainly in China." Evida, he adds, "will be perfectly positioned to become a leader in this new area and the experience that will be gained in the deployment of 50,000 cars with Mia will be a tremendous advantage for us in the field of all-electric fleets."

Apple transfer aids both sides of Israel-Syria border

Two countries basically at war can still find the means to encourage better relationships. During a three-month period from mid-February, 12,000 tons of apples are to be transferred across the Syrian border by Israel Army forces via the Quneitra crossing.

The apples, grown in the Golan Heights by Druze farmers, carry a profound message: "Each apple equals assistance to Druze farmers on both sides of the border," explains the commander of the Quneitra crossing. The project began six years ago when Israeli Druze farmers sought another market for their produce to raise prices and create a tangible connection with their brothers across the border. "Some Druze families are separated by the border, and Israel, showing its desire for peace, works to accommodate their needs, making sure they lead normal lives."

Israeli authorities approved the project and the Red Cross served as the neutral envoy needed to launch the project. The Red Cross has representatives on each side of the border and supplies the trucks and Kenyan drivers that transfer the apples from Israeli to Syrian trucks. From Syria, the apples are marketed to Persian Gulf countries. During the transfer, army forces ensure everything runs smoothly and enforce security at the Quneitra crossing. Quneitra is a United Nations crossing and, although it separates two hostile nations, approximately 2,000 people cross it each year, including brides, reunited relatives and students. Also, deceased bodies of people wishing to be buried on the other side of the border are transferred through the crossing. All of these transfers are made possible by cooperation between the Red Cross and the Israeli and Syrian governments.

"This is a very special post, characterized by both tension and serenity" says an officer. "The countries are by no means allies, but the people share a true kinship." The commander adds: "Standing at the border, it seems as if the two countries are at peace, especially during the apple transfer, which gets bigger each year." "Tourists visit here, UN workers cross here, and Israel realizes how important this opportunity is, Quneitra represents Israel's concern for the welfare of civilians, disregarding the obvious security threats posed by a border opening, especially with Syria which considers the Golan Heights to be its land."

Red Cross representatives are responsible for the apple transfer, as well as a variety of other international activities taking place at the Quneitra crossing.