Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vast Majority of Palestinians Killed in Operation Cast Lead Found to be Terror Operatives

From official army sources comes the results of their reporting on the actual casualties in Gaza, as opposed to the Hamas propaganga figures.

In order to remove any doubt regarding he number of Palestinians killed in Operation Cast Lead, the IDF gathered data following the examination of various intelligence sources and the names and numbers were thoroughly cross-referenced and examined.

According to the data gathered by the Research Department of the Israel Defense Intelligence, there were 1166 names of Palestinians killed during Operation Cast Lead. 709 of them are identified as Hamas terror operatives, amongst them several from various other terror organizations. Additionally, there are 162 names of men that have not been yet attributed to any organization.

Furthermore, it has come to our understanding that 295 uninvolved Palestinians were killed during the operation, 89 of them under the age of 16, and 49 of them were women.

The IDF stated objective during Operation Cast Lead was to target the Hamas terror organization and not the citizens of the Gaza Strip. It must be stressed, yet again, that the fighting took place in a complex battlefield, defined by the Hamas terror organization itself. The Hamas terror organization placed the primary fighting scene at the heart of civilian neighborhoods as it booby-trapped homes, fired from schools, and used civilians as human shields.

The IDF took extensive measures in order to prevent harming uninvolved civilians, including the dropping of leaflets, broadcasting warnings in local Palestinian media, and placing numerous phone calls to homes. The procedure of making use of warning shots and the briefing of commanders to take extra precautions in populated areas were also among the measures taken by the IDF.

As has become normal the international media picked up the Hamas propaganda figures and published this as the truth. Regretably, truly investigative reporting is dead.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Israel's Army Moral or Not?

What a surprise that the world media is catching on to the reports a local paper about supposed IDF atrocities in Gaza. Any smell of something that can be used to deligitimise Israel is grist for the mill of so many of today's journalists.

There is absolutely no confirmation of these "stories" and certainly no context. They do not tell us that the head of the pre-military academy whom they quote has a long history of conscientious objection in a country where military service has been existentially necessary throughout the 60 years of its existence.

They do not tell us that the old woman was approaching the soldiers after being warned not to. She was probably innocent, but could have been a suicide bomber. Moreover it is not clear that she was shot; it may simply have been the case th at there was an argument over whether to shoot someone who was approaching soldiers in a suspicious way. Plus the fact that other soldiers are now refuting these claims totally, but that does not fit "the agenda".

In the context of the woman and two children who were reportedly shot by a sniper after soldiers ordered them from their house, they do not tell us that civilians have been frequently used as suicide bombers.

And neither do they report that further investigation by Israeli media suggests both incidents may not even have happened: The soldier who reported both alleged events did not even witness them - he heard them as a rumour.

Regarding claims of immoral conduct on the military's part, a Givati Brigade soldier, said soldiers were given specific orders to open fire only at armed terrorists or people who posed a threat. "There were no incidents of vandalism at any of the buildings we occupied. We did only what was justified and acted out of necessity. No one shot at civilians. People walked by us freely," he recounted. A Paratroopers Brigade soldier who participated in the war called the claims "nonsense." "There are always a few idiots who act inappropriately, but the vast majority of the soldiers represented Israel honorably and with a high degree of morality."

Some NGO's have reported on the attrocities comitted by Hamas but stated that they could get no response from Hamas to these claims. Now isn't that a surprise!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Smokin' a Pipe of Peace

Haifa is making great efforts to improve its status and stature and recently an unusual meeting between the Mayor Yona Yahav and group of potential investors sees the possibility of moving the city further forward. Nothing unusual in that you may say. However on this occasion the potential investors were agroup of North American Indians from the Coushatta tribe, see

This tribe, a realtively small one, only about 850 people, is very wealthy as a result of their casina based in Louisianna. The turnover of this is estimated to be of the order of $140 mill. This is the first time that they are considering investing outside the United States

The group were taken around Haifa and shown the range of opportunities for investment, from Hi Tech to the Bio Science park now being planned, to education, energy renewal and agriculture.

It is to be hoped that the delegation will find Haifa unique in offering a partnership with the tribe and instead of smoking a narghila or hookah maybe we will see people smoking the pipes of peace on the beaches at night.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To Be or Not To Be - that is the question

The ongoing saga of negotiating for the release of cpatured soldier Gilad Shalit is taking up lots of media space here in Israel.

As a parent one can only sympathise with Gulad's parent who by this weekend will have suffered 1000 days since their son was captured on Israeli soil.

However, the price Hamas is demanding for his release is so high that to give in to these demands would mean the release of some of the most despicable Hamas terrorists who would offer absolutely no quarantee that their acts of terro would not be repeated. Once again the big unanswered question is; would we get him back alive?

And so we are in the middle of a media war once again, a war of the type Hamas knows very well to exploit.

It is all very well that 13 members of the UK parliament "calls for the immediate and unconditional release of the Israeli soldier, Corporal Gilad Shalit, who was kidnapped by Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups in a cross-border terrorist attack inside Israel on 25 June 2006; welcomes Egyptian efforts to bring about the soldier's release; notes that 21 March 2009 will mark the soldier's 1,000th day in captivity; further notes that, despite repeated requests, the International Committee of the Red Cross continues to be denied access to the kidnapped soldier; recognises that the soldier's continued detention is an obstacle to peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians; condemns the kidnapping of Corporal Shalit by Hamas; and urges the Government to do all it can to bring about Corporal Shalit's release."

BUT one has to ask "where are the international demands for the Red Cross to visit Gilad?" Whilst in Israeli jails, the terrorists have full medical care, TV sets with access to Arabic stations, newspapers, food and even the opportunity to study for degrees. Plus the Red Cross can make unlimited visits. Are we crazy or not? Why not limit these conditions?

Yesterday the Israeli cabinet received a specific report on the identity of some of the prisoners on Hamas's list, some of whom Israel had refused to release, and some of whom it had agreed to release on the condition that they be barred from Judea and Samaria. The representative list that was presented underscored both Israel's willingness to show as much flexibility as possible and pay a heavy price on behalf of Gilad Shalit's release, as well as its red lines and its obligation to prevent severe harm to its security.

According to the security officials' assessments, if Israel had released all of the murderers that Hamas was demanding, this would have caused severe damage to national security, including regarding the rehabilitation of strategic terrorist infrastructures and the return of senior 'terrorist engineers', who had planned and put into operation the most murderous terrorist attacks that the State of Israel has ever known. This would have also dealt a mortal blow to pragmatic elements in the region whereas the extremists would have been significantly strengthened.

Just when are we going to stop behaving like good little boys. Hamas only understands tough actions and tough language, that is their culture.

It is time to stop pussyfooting with the Hamas terrorists in Israeli jails.

Monday, March 16, 2009

There is No Peace Process

Most Israelis believe that the Palestinians don’t want to make a comprehensive peace with Israel in exchange for a Palestinian state, says Professor Barry Rubin. "Hamas doesn’t want it; the Palestinian Authority (PA) is both unwilling and unable to do it."

Therefore the new government being formed is reflecting the realities on the ground. Peace has not been thought of in the Palestinian’s minds with the occupation of the young Palestinians minds with the obsessive thoughts of “throwing Israel into the sea”

After the big risks taken in the withdrawal from Lebanon and Gaza it is clear that this is not the way forward to peace agreements.

Although the international media is rejoicing in bashing Netanyahu even before he takes office no-one is looking beyond the most superficial level of propaganda made by the Palestinian leaders. As Rubin says “the conclusion is unavoidable that there is no possibility of an Israeli-Palestinian peace for years to come. This is regardless of who is Israel’s leader or anything within reason that could be offered."

Mahmoud Abbas is too weak and has insufficient support. While considered relatively moderate, he will not give up the demand for all Palestinian refugees to be able to live in Israel, He has made no attempt to transform Palestinian political thinking or to provide an alternative vision of peace for his people.

There is no moderate alternative Palestinian leader in Fatah or elsewhere.
Schools, mosques, media and other institutions controlled fully or partly by the PA daily preach that all Israel is Palestine, Israel is evil, and violence against it is good. Hardly the most minimal steps have been taken to prepare the Palestinian masses for peace.

Palestinian public opinion polls consistently show overwhelming support for hardline positions, and for terrorism against Israeli civilians.

An unyielding historical narrative still predominates that the whole land between the Jordan River and the sea is and should be Arab Palestine.

There is no peace process it has to be said that the “The emperor has no clothes”.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


The original aim of the upcoming UN conference on Racism was to help the African continent but it was hijacked by the Arab states to promote their agenda. With the chairmanship of the conference in the hands of Libya and the Deputy chair held by Cuba plus other muslim countries on the committee there has been a total distortion of the original aims.

The wording of the documents to be discussed at Geneva during the UN conference on racial discrimination in April has crossed the stated red lines of the Europeans and yet only Italy has had the courage of its convictions to withdraw.

These red lines are:-
a. The singling out of Israel for blame.
b. The inclusion of the "defamation of religion" clause that would protect Islamist extremist ideology from criticism.
c. Listing a hierarchy of racisms, with Islamophobia as the most disturbing form. All racisms are to be fought equally.
d. Removing the mention of the importance of Holocaust commemoration and removing the condemnation of anti-Semitism from the past document.

In FRANCE on February 13th 2008, Nicolas Sarkosy said quite categorically "France will not allow a repetition of the excesses and abuses of 2001.
Our European partners share France's concerns. France will chair the EU in the final months preceding the review conference. I say to you: if ever our legitimate demands are not taken into account, we will disengage from the process. I think my answer is unambiguous.

In BRITAIN in a parliamentary debate on May 13th 2008 Jim Murphy, minister for Europs said "We will play no part in an international conference that exhibits the degree of anti-Semitism that was disgracefully on view on the previous occasion. If it gets to a point that we come to the view that the conference cannot be a success, the option of withdrawal from the conference remains available to us."

In HOLLAND on May 18th 2008, the Foreign Minister said "The Netherlands will not accept it if there are any attempts to call Israel a racist state at a UN conference."

Finally in DENMARK on October 28th 2008, their Foreign Minister said "If the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) pushes through this draft
resolution, they shall not expect European or Western countries to be present at the table... we cannot accept that religion be conflated with racism."

Now, just why have these countries not taken the decision to withdraw? All their red lines have been crossed. What a moral outrage

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Day in the Life Of.....

Today is the festival of Purim and as Wikipedia defines it a festival that commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people of the ancient Persian Empire from Haman's plot to annihilate them, as recorded in the Biblical Book of Ester.

With the threat of Israel's annihilation expressed constantly by Ahmadinajad of Iran (yesterday's Persia), the festival could not be more appropriate. Nevertheless, to look around the country and see in the streets, all the children dressed up in costumes ranging from the traditional Queen Ester or Mordechai to the more exotic outfits of Superman or Spiderman gives an atmosphere of fun and allows one to forget, for one day at least, the troubles of the region.

As is traditional, our day began in the synagogue with the reading of the book of Ester and was followed by the giving of mishloach manot Our usual giving is made to those organisations dealing with the poor of the city and those less fortunate than ourselves.

With beautiful spring like weather, we then spent an hour walking through the Hecht Park, (named after Dr. Reuven Hecht, one of Haifa's leading citizens).Haifa's largest park area, which is parallel to the coastal strip and offers a range of leisure time activities for the whole family and then on to the Dado Beach where families were enjoyed the days holiday before returning home to spoil ourselves and relax with a BBQ of fish on our balcony overlooking the Mediteranean.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Are We Crazy or Not?

So the world leaders have decided that $4.4 billion dollers should be given to the Palestinians to rebuild their country. And this in a climate of a world recession. Taxpayers money is being given away, it seems almost without end.

Now don't get me wrong, the people of Gaza have been duped by their leaders and they are suffering. We need to help them BUT every dollar that goes into the rebuilding, releases another dollar for the non stop building up of the Hamas war machine.

Nothing has changed for Hamas, not their charter, not their aims, not their tactics. A recent poll by the Palestinian polling institute, Jerusalem Media and Communications Center, indicates that 46.7% of Palestinians believe Hamas defeated Israel, 50.8% believe that the rocket attacks should continue with only 20.8% believing that they do harm to their "cause". To top it all 55% are convinced that terror attacks should continue.

The world at large just does not understand the Palestinian mindset and continues to judge by their own standards.

So, money will flow in Gaza, (again), the rockets will continue which will surely create the conditions for another war and so the merry-go-round continues. Are we crazy or not?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Freedom in Judea and Samaria

With the end of operation Cast Lead on Jan 19th, there were hopes of a calm coming to the residents of the south. However as the graph below shows updated to Feb 24th the number of missiles being fired from Gaza is still significant.

In fact from Feb 25th to the end of the month another 15 missiles were fired.

Now let’s compare that dismal picture with that of Judea and Samaria. With a measurable decrease in terror activities, the following easing of restrictions has and will take place:-

a) By the end of August 2009 the IDF is expected to remove more than half of the security checkpoints in Judea and Samaria. When all the measures have been implemented it is expected that only 12 checkpoints will remain along the Green Line (as opposed to the 41 currently existing).
b) The access road leading from Route 60 (which runs through Judea from Bethlehem to the city of Beersheba ) to the Palestinian village of Bani Na'im , southeast of Hebron was opened to traffic after having been blocked since 2001 for security reasons .(Note : during the past year 135 barriers were removed).
c) Authorization has been given for the opening of 12 new Palestinian police stations in Area B, in addition to the 20 new Palestinian police stations authorized last year.
d)The entrance of Israeli Arabs into the city of Nablus is now authorized during weekends . A similar step was taken in the city of Jenin , bringing a significant increase in income to local businesses. The quantity of Palestinian workers permitted to enter Israel has increased, while making eligibility criteria more flexible.