Tuesday, October 31, 2017

UN Pumps Millions into anti Israel Agencies

The initiative represents a “collusion between UN agencies and radical anti-peace NGOs for political warfare.”
Numerous organizations targeting Israel will soon be receiving millions of dollars from a UN agency to bolster activities intended to “hold Israel accountable for its obligations under international law,” according to a fresh report published by a Jerusalem-based organization.
The 73-page document, entitled “United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) State of Palestine 2018-2022” details the various Palestinian causes to which funds will be allocated as part of an agreement signed with the Palestinian Authority (PA).
As part of the “Strategic Programming Framework” designed to “support Palestine’s path to independence” and other “pillars of the government’s National Policy Agenda,” the agreement lays out UN plans to dedicate $18 million to “support Palestinian institutions.”
It states that it will help these institutions to “effectively access international accountability mechanisms in order to hold Israel accountable for its violations under international law.”
Moreover, the report outlines that the purpose of the cash will be to augment efforts to “actively monitor, advocate and mobilize on human rights violations” in reference to Israel. (No reference to the human rights violations by the Palestinians or the incessant incitement in flagrant violation of signed agreements)
Indicating that the document’s raison d’être is itself hypocritical and anti-Israel, the watchdog group NGO Monitor, which published its findings on the report, highlighted, “There is no parallel support for ‘monitoring, advocating and mobilizing’ in response to Palestinian violations under the human rights treaties the Palestinian Authority has signed.”
In addition to the organizations that will be eligible to receive the streams of cash, the report sets out budgetary plans for other UN organizations which will provide support for “Palestine’s path to independence.”
Among those appearing on the list to promote that goal is UNESCO, from which Israel recently announced its decision to withdraw, along with the US, following a string of anti-Israel resolutions, including ignoring Jewish ties to Jerusalem and designating Hebron a “Palestinian World Heritage Site.”
According to NGO Monitor’s report, these “massive amounts of money (for these same organizations and UN agencies) for their ongoing anti-Israel political warfare campaigns… will do nothing to revitalize the ‘stalled peace process’ or the creation of a ‘peaceful and just Palestinian society.’”
Such UN initiatives, NGO Monitor added, only exemplify the “longstanding collusion between UN agencies and radical anti-peace NGOs for political warfare…Many of these organizations promote antisemitism, rejectionism, and BDS.”

Israel has long taken issue with international bodies such as the UN and the EU for pumping money into groups it believes have a political motive, often undermining the Israel Defense Forces and presenting a negative image of the country abroad.

Israel Arabs Prefer to Live Under Israeli Administration

 Palestinian leaders often claim that they would like to take a less confrontational stance against Israel but are afraid of “losing” the “Palestinian street.”
A new interview with a local Palestinian politician in an eastern Jerusalem Arab neighborhood indicates the opposite to be true: The average Palestinian wants to come home from work and eat dinner with his or her family rather than hearing that their child has become a “martyr” in a violent attack against Israelis.
It is the Palestinian leaders who destroy the chances for peace with non-stop incitement of Palestinian youth, diversion of funds to terror and a resultant lack of economic growth in Palestinian-controlled areas.
Jerusalem village head Ramadan Dabbash goes as far as to say that living under Israeli rule is preferable to living under the Palestinian Authority. Listen to what he says!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Christian Media Summit in Israel

Over 130 Christian media broadcasters from 30 countries and 5 continents met in Israel last week. These broadcasters are reaching over 1 billion people around the world.

The 4 day conference opened with a gala event attended by Prime Minister Netanyahu, who said “Israel has no better friends – I mean that – no better friends in the world than the Christian communities around the world. And Israel is the one country in a vast region where Christians not only survive, they thrive.”

“You know the truth about Israel's history and the truth about our commitment to freedom. Freedom is under a challenge all the time and I think it scored a big victory the other day. I want to thank President Trump for his courageous speech outlining a new course against Iran, the enemy of our free civilization.”

During the course of the conference, the Christian journalists had a unique opportunity to see, hear and interact with major Israeli politicians, academicians and other noted Israelis, who took part in various panel discussions.

The summit also featured personal encounters with members of Jerusalem’s bustling high-tech start-up world, as well as noted leaders within the city’s civic, cultural and religious community.

The summit coincided with the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel. In this spirit of unity, the summit’s goal aimed to foster a better understanding and strengthen the friendship between Christians worldwide and the State of Israel.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Unnecessary Tragedy

This is probably the most difficult blog I have written since I started  12 years ago.

In the last few days one of our dearest grandchildren, Eitan, an 18 year old was killed in a car crash that also took the life of one of his friends.

The news was held from us and other family members for 24 hours due the Simchat Torah holiday (the holiday which celebrates the final readings of the 5 books of Moses, and immediate restart anew from the beginning.)

The children were on the way to bring songs, dances and an overall atmosphere of happiness to an elderly community but never made it. The driver and one other passenger were seriously injured. Meanwhile a bus carrying the younger members to the Bet Shemesh (where he lived, ) youth, did reach their destination without realizing the seriousness of the accident to the car behind.

Once the news of the death of the two children was announced to all, a dark cloud hung over the whole Bet Shemesh community. The whole youth of the town were due to go away for a special weekend and although our son and daughter in law told the youth leaders to go ahead with their plans, the youth with a single voice said “no”, we are staying to mourn with you.

The funeral was held at midnight and estimates of the attendance ranged from 1000 to 1500 people, and that in the middle of the night.

As is traditional, the 7 days of mourning were organized at the home of our son and daughter in law and each day we have spent the hours from early morning to late evening receiving hundreds to visitors, many of whom travelled long distances to show their respects to the family members. Visitors to meet our son or daughter in law or the siblings of the deceased ensured that the home and garden where full from morning to night.

The memories of Eitan will be in our minds forever.

Palestinian Refugees? Why Not Return

Much has been written lately about the need to accept the right of return of the Palestinian refugees. 

The word “return” in international law is very clear; it means going back to where one has been before. So it can apply only to the people who left Palestine, not to their descendants who were born in another country.

Today there are less than 100,000 survivors from the 700,000 Arabs who left Palestine and became refugees, and they could be allowed to come back to Israel if they wish to, with only one condition; that they are ready to live in peace with their Jewish neighbors, as is stated in the UN declaration about Palestine refugees, which mentions ONLY the refugees but NOT their descendants: “Palestine refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date.” 

 There is no other example in history where descendants of refugees are still considered to be refugees, three generations later.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


by Udi Shaham  October 10, 2017

The 3km march draws in people from all over the world, united in love for Jerusalem and the people of Israel.
We were part of over 60,000 people who participated iin the annual Jerusalem March on Tuesday. Delegates from organizations and countries from all over the world participated in the 3-km. walk.

Celebrants at the annual Jerusalem March 

The first groups marching represented large organizations such as the Israel Electric Corporation, El Al, military and police platoons, and several NGOs.

Following them was the delegation of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, composed of Christian pilgrims – the largest group, consisting of participants from more than 90 nations.

The pilgrims, visiting the capital to celebrate Sukkot and attend the Feast of Tabernacles celebration, were waving flags, chanting “we love Israel,” calling out “shalom,” and holding signs expressing support for the State of Israel.

Some groups played trumpets, shofars and drums, and presented traditional dances. Some handed out flags and candy to children.

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem stressed in a statement that this year’s feast gathering has centered on the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem during the Six Day War. After the march, the embassy held a tribute in the capital’s Pais Arena for IDF soldiers who liberated the Old City of Jerusalem in June 1967.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said that he is excited to host this event, year after year.

“The Jerusalem March is a tradition going back over 60 years, and as time goes by it becomes even more exciting,” Barkat said.

“And in this year that we celebrate the reunification of the city, it is even more exciting.

During this holiday, Jerusalem is hosting hundreds of thousands of visitors and tourists who enjoy the magic of the city, its gorgeous sites and our unique attractions,” he said.

Muslim, Christian and Druze Israelis Spread Truth about Jewish State

A diverse delegation of Israelis will arrive in the US next week with the Reservists on Duty organization to expose audiences to the reality on the ground for Israelis of different religious and ethnic backgrounds.
While the number of organizations dedicated to smearing Israel’s image on American college campuses remains at an all-time high, a special group of Israelis, some of whom are IDF veterans, has taken it upon themselves to expose the lies and half-truths that pass as “facts” in the world of higher education.
This group, called Reservists on Duty (RoD), has been challenging gatherings in America to question the slanted narrative about Israeli society, which demonizes both the government and people of Israel.
Next week, RoD will send a unique group of Israelis to the US, composed of Muslim, Christian and Druze citizens.
The group, which has cleverly dubbed itself “Arabs Breaking the Silence,” “want to talk about their personal experience in Israel. … to refute the claims that BDS organizations are spreading against us,” said the group’s spokesman, Jonathan Elkhoury. “They use us, Israel’s minorities, to slander Israel and say that it is racist and discriminates against its minorities, and we will say otherwise,” Elkhoury explained.
Elkhoury, an Israeli Christian who was born in Lebanon, is no stranger to real discrimination and hate. On a previous trip to the US with RoD in May, the man was subjected to verbal abuse from anti-Israel demonstrators at the University of California-Irvine which became so severe that the police were required to escort the speakers from the facility.

Hate-filled demonstrations such as these have not phased RoD speakers. In 2017 alone, 50 volunteers traveled to over 15 campuses throughout America “to educate and give truth to the lies BDS activists spread about the IDF and State of Israel,” explains RoD’s website. During these activities, RoD groups “visited Jewish and Christian communities and forged personal connections with community leaders.”

Monday, October 9, 2017

Disproving 'Temple Mount Denial' One Bucket at a Time
 Daniel k. Eisenbud  October 6, 2017

Read full article at http://www.jpost.com/Magazine/Disproving-Temple-Mount-denial-one-bucket-at-a-time-506539 

When Wakf bulldozers illegally ascended the Temple Mount in 1999 to surreptitiously remove thousands of tons of ancient soil to make way for a subterranean mosque, two archeologists found hope in recovering some of the Jewish heritage that crime destroyed.

As countless invaluable artifacts dating from the First Temple period at Judaism’s holiest site were dumped in a garbage heap in the capital’s Kidron Valley, Dr. Gabriel Barkay and Zachi Dvira saw an opportunity.

Five years later, under the auspices of Bar-Ilan University, the two archeologists procured a government license to have the ancient debris transferred to Emek Tzurim National Park on the western slope of Mount Scopus, where they established the headquarters of the Temple Mount Sifting Project.

Today some 70% of the 400 truckloads of earth has been scrutinized by a staff of 15 employees and thousands of volunteers from around the globe, one bucket at a time.

OVER 200,000 volunteers from all facets of society, 
both Israelis and foreigners, have taken part in sifting 
earth from the Temple Mount. (Tommy Chamberlin)

Since then, more than 500,000 artifacts – from a 3,000-year-old seal from the time of King David to coins, stone vessels, jewelry and flooring tile fragments from the Second Temple period – have been painstakingly documented for future generations.

Nevertheless, to the outrage and utter befuddlement of millions, last October UNESCO approved a resolution denying Jewish ties to the Temple Mount.

“Temple denial started in the 1990s, even though the Islamic Wakf itself in the 1920s and ’30s issued booklets which were given to visitors of the Temple Mount in which they said the existence of the Temples is beyond any doubt,” said Barkay last month.

“It was accepted and in the Islamic literature through the generations there is a plethora of mentions of Solomon’s Temple and the Temple of the Jews in Jerusalem, so it is very strange that they deny it now.”

“The place was shown as the Temple Mount by Muslim guides to visitors all the time for centuries,” he continued. “The whole change came when a very naïve Bill Clinton wanted to solve all the problems of the world, and somebody whispered into his ear that the Temple Mount is the crux of the Middle East conflict, and he wanted to solve the conflict by solving the problem of sovereignty on the Temple Mount. “They claimed that Jerusalem has no significance to the Jews, and want to have sole control of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount,” he said. “The whole thing is a political matter and misuse of ancient history for current political purposes.”

Noting the fact that the Bible, Mishna and Greek and Roman historians wrote in depth about the Temples’ existence, Barkay deems Temple denial “shameful” and “anti-civilized,” because “UNESCO’s decisions are politically based on majority and self-interests.

“If it would be in their interest to declare that the Earth is flat, they would have a majority vote [claiming so]. They can vote about anything they wish, but this is to the shame of that institution. No civilized person in the world can claim Temple denial or lack of a Jewish link to Jerusalem.

In the meantime, Barkay said proving Jewish ties to the Temple Mount and Jerusalem is akin to “proving that water is wet.”

Barkay noted that roughly 10% of the datable finds sifted were linked to the 400 years of the Davidic dynasty of the First Temple period.

“From the Second Temple period during the fourth century BCE we have a large amount of coins from the Persian period with Hebrew inscriptions with the name of the province of Judah, ‘Yehud,’ which is a name mentioned in the Book of Ezra in the Bible. And those tiny silver coins are the earliest discovered that were minted in Jerusalem.”

Nonetheless, Barkay contends that there is no need for Jewish evidence from the Temple Mount during antiquity, because it has been universally accepted by scholars and researchers for centuries.

Meanwhile, despite being in need of funding to keep the enterprise operational, the celebrated archeologist said the tens of thousands of volunteers of all ages from all corners of the world have become as invaluable to the project as the historic relics they sift through.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Abbas "Condemns" a $203,000 Murder

The headlines said that Palestinian President Abbas "condemned"
the multiple murder of Israelis at Har Adar. They left out
the part where he also pays for it. Why won't the media report
the whole story?

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Just What Did the Oslo Accords Say?

In the light of continuing violence and incitement, I think it is worth reminding ourselves just what do the two sides agree to in the Oslo accords.

Security Policy for the Prevention of Terrorism and Violence

2. Both sides will, in accordance with this Agreement, act to ensure the immediate, efficient and effective handling of any incident involving a threat or act of terrorism, violence or incitement, whether committed by Palestinians or Israelis. To this end, they will cooperate in the exchange of information and coordinate policies and activities. Each side shall immediately and effectively respond to the occurrence or anticipated occurrence of an act of terrorism, violence or incitement and shall take all necessary measures to prevent such an occurrence.
3. With a view to implementing the above, each side shall, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, carry out the following functions in the areas under its security responsibility:
a. protect all residents of, and all other persons present in, these areas;
b. actively prevent incitement to violence, including violence against the other side or persons under the authority of the other side;
c. apprehend, investigate and prosecute perpetrators and all other persons directly or indirectly involved in acts of terrorism, violence and incitement.

Now just who is not abiding by these principles?