Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Even the Disabled are Under Attack

Aleh Hanegen is the village caring for Israel’s disabled. They are under attack from HAMAS

• In the past 24 hours, a rocket landed in the Safari Center of Aleh Negev-Nahalat Eran and another rocket injured one of our workers in a direct hit to her car on her way to the night shift in the village.

• Residents have been sleeping in sheltered rooms in Aleh Negev and Aleh Moriah in Gedera, including highly-dependent residents requiring round-the-clock nursing care.

• Homeland Security and VIP officers visited the village to review safety measures in effect, while social workers provide ongoing support to staff.

• A Day Care center opened in Aleh Negev for children of workers. The children happily interacted with young residents from the hospital wing.

• Although school is officially closed; vocational programs and therapies are being held inside residences or sheltered rooms.

• Aleh Bnei Brak has taken in 2 disabled youngsters from the south of Israel; they are currently staying in the residence and attending the school on premises. The facility remains on high alert; all residents are moved quickly and efficiently into protected shelters when sirens sound.

• Evacuation procedures were practiced in Aleh Jerusalem after the code red alarm sounded on Friday night. A dedicated team of volunteers signed up to sleep in the residences every night.

• In addition to absorbing disabled people from the southern region who lack shelters in their own homes, Aleh Negev is currently caring for a Thai man who was injured in a previous rocket attack near the Kissufim Crossing. During every siren, staff provide him with lots of emotional and physical support.

The staff and volunteers at all of Aleh’s facilities have been exemplary in their dedication, performing their jobs under fire. They are on duty round the clock, putting their lives on hold to ensure the safety of residents and preserve an air of normalcy and calm

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