Saturday, November 24, 2012

Summary of "Pillar of Defense"

With the ceasefire agreement regarding the fighting in the south coming into effect following eight days of operations, it is quite clear that, in spite of the “victory celebrations” going on in Gaza, the IDF has surely accomplished the main goal in Operation Pillar of Defense of inflicting severe damage to Hamas and its military capabilities.

As a result of IDF operations, the command and control apparatus of Hamas was significantly struck and the targeting of broad terrorist infrastructure, facilities and military bases, as well as the destruction of dozens of smuggling and explosive tunnels.

During the operation, the IDF damaged and destroyed significant elements of Hamas' strategic capabilities, among them. Amongst those capabilities were long-range (over 40 km) and hundreds of short- and medium-range rocket launchers. These actions have severely impaired Hamas' launching capabilities, resulting in a decreasing number of rockets being fired from the Gaza Strip. The 'Iron Dome' defense system has accomplished high rate of successful interceptions (84%) and Hamas' accuracy with regards to hitting populated areas within Israel remained below 7%.

IDF soldiers, in regular and reserve military service, gathered in assembly areas and prepared for the ground operation. Their time was used for training and improving their operational capabilities.

Over the course of Operation Pillar of Defense, the IDF targeted:-

a) over 1,500 terror sites including

b) 19 senior command centers, operational control centers and Hamas' senior-rank headquarters,

c) 30 senior operatives, damaging Hamas' command and control,

d) hundreds of underground rocket launchers,

e) 140 smuggling tunnels,

f) 66 terror tunnels,

g) dozens of Hamas operation rooms and bases,

h) 26 weapon manufacturing and storage facilities

i) dozens of long-range rocket launchers and launch sites.

Senior Operatives Targeted:

• Ahmed Jabari, head of Hamas' military wing - targeted on November 14

• Hab's Hassan Us Msamch, senior operative in Hamas' police - targeted on November 15

• Ahmed Abu Jalal, Commander of the military wing in Al-Muazi - targeted on November 16

• Khaled Shayer, senior operative in the anti-tank operations - targeted on November 16

• Osama Kadi, senior operative in the smuggling operations in the southern Gaza Strip - targeted on November 17

• Muhammad Kalb, senior operative in the aerial defense operations - targeted on November 17

• Ramz Harb, Islamic Jihad senior operative in propaganda in Gaza city - targeted on November 19

Number of Rocket Launches Toward Israel During the Operation:

• November 14: 75 rockets

• November 15: 316 rockets

• November 16: 228 rockets

• November 17: 237 rockets

• November 18: 156 rockets

• November 19: 143 rockets

• November 20: 221 rockets

• November 21 (Until 21:00): 130 rockets
   (It should be noted that a further 20 rockets were fired after 21:00 hrs)

Rocket Launched Towards Israel:

• Total number of rockets launched from the Gaza Strip: 1,506 rockets

• Number of rockets hit open areas: 875 rockets

• Number of rockets hit urban areas: 58 rockets (3.8%)

• "Iron Dome" interceptions: 421 rockets

• Failed launching attempts: 152 rockets

Israeli Casualties:

• Fatalities: 5

• Injuries: 240

• Suffering from PTSD : ?

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