Thursday, April 11, 2024

WCK Aid Workers Killed


The IDF has revealed that Hamas PURPOSELY drew fire to the World Central Kitchen (WCK) vehicles. At around 10 pm, the IDF noticed suspicious activity as the WCK vehicle was joined by a convoy of several other Hamas vehicles.

Hamas terrorists then climbed ONTO and INTO the WCK truck and FIRED several times indiscriminately into the air to ensure the IDF would see them.

The convoy then split up and entered a hanger, where it became difficult to distinguish between the Hamas vehicles and the WCK vehicle.

IDF attempted to call both the WCK workers and WCK HQ on TWO separate occasions to confirm whether they were with the Hamas convoy but their calls remained unanswered.

When the vehicles left the hangar OVER AN HOUR LATER the IDF drone unit misidentified the WCK vehicle for a vehicle from the Hamas convoy and mistakenly struck.

The result, a great propaganda victory for Hamas at the cost of civilian lives yet again.

Full IDF report can be seen here

Sunday, April 7, 2024

NGO: Red Cross facilitating Palestinian terror payouts

(With thanks the Palestinian Media Watch)

 Since Oct. 7, the International Red Cross has been helping imprisoned Palestinian terrorists receive controversial stipends from the Palestinian Authority, according to Israeli NGO Palestinian Media Watch.

According to PMW, incarcerated Palestinians fill out forms to receive the stipends, and the Red Cross delivers the paperwork to Ramallah.

“The role of the International Red Cross in this process is central,” explained PMW director Itamar Marcus. “The international health organization is involved in this because as they visit prisoners, they’re able to bring in forms. Israeli security is not looking at the forms or preventing the terrorist prisoner access to the forms they need to sign.”

The prisoners’ paperwork needs to be completed by the end of 2023 in order to receive stipends in 2024. Terrorists imprisoned before Oct. 7 are also sending renewal forms via the Red Cross to Ramallah, according to PMW.

A Fatah directive dated Dec. 4 and translated by PMW instructs Palestinians to “please produce a [Red] Cross document for those who have no sentence whose names appear below; a [Red] Cross document accompanied by a new administrative [detention] order for the administrative detainees; and a [Red] Cross document accompanied by a verdict for the sentenced prisoners.

Lists of prisoners from Bethlehem and Hebron districts were circulated on social media to encourage prisoners and their families to claim the payouts. Other Palestinian organizations, such as the PLO’s Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs, joined the publicity campaign.

Since Oct. 7, around 2,400 Palestinian terror suspects have been arrested throughout Judea and Samaria, of whom about half are associated with Hamas.

Israel argues that these stipends are nothing more than economic incentive to commit murder, and refers to them as “pay for slay.”

The International Red Cross did not respond to a request for comment.

Saturday, April 6, 2024

The global onslaught against Israel

( With thanks to Melanie Philips. For her full article go to

Israel made a major and tragic error. It killed seven aid workers when it fired three precision missiles in succession at a three-car convoy belonging to the humanitarian agency World Central Kitchen (WCK) that was on its way to deliver supplies to Gaza civilians.

Although an IDF inquiry has yet to explain what happened, the Israelis have acknowledged a terrible mistake caused by “misidentification”. Bad things happen in war and this was a dreadful tragedy.

But the malice of the response is astonishing. Israel is being accused of having deliberately targeted the aid convoy, which allegedly proves that Israel has no concerns about civilian deaths, no heart and no conscience.

WCK’s response has gone far beyond justifiable anger and horror, defaming Israel with baseless and incendiary charges. The organisation’s chief executive, Erin Gore, accused Israel of a “targeted attack” designed to deter aid agencies working in Gaza and of using food “as a weapon of war”. WCK’s founder, José Andrés, accused Israel of targeting his workers “systematically, car by car”.

But that wasn’t because the IDF wanted to kill humanitarian workers with whom it had previously worked closely to deliver aid to Gaza. It was because the three cars were all “misidentified” in the same awful error.

In the fog of war, “friendly fire” fiascos are unfortunately all too common. Yet this was not acknowledged in the world’s response.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said America was “outraged”. President Joe Biden said he was “heartbroken” and that Israel “has not done enough” to protect civilians.

Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said “far too many aid workers and ordinary civilians have lost their lives in Gaza, and the situation is increasingly intolerable”. The UK Foreign Secretary, Lord Cameron, said the aid workers’ deaths were “completely unacceptable”.

This is hypocrisy and selective amnesia. Both the US and the UK have caused similar tragic errors in wartime in which many more than seven lives were lost.

In an incident in 2011, during the NATO intervention in Libya about which then-Prime Minister Cameron was extremely gung-ho, 13 civilians including ambulance workers were wiped out.

In 2006, US troops in Iraq mistakenly killed aid workers in Mosul. In 2008, they killed dozens at an Afghan wedding party, including the bride.

Both the Biden administration and the British government have seized on the aid convoy tragedy to buttress their claims that Israel is killing “too many civilians” in Gaza and thwarting supplies of aid. These are lies. Even if Hamas’s implausible casualty figures are to be believed, Israel is killing around 1.3 civilians for every combatant — a vastly smaller proportion of civilians killed in warfare than has been achieved by any other army in the world.


What Does Hamas Really Want?

 Hamas has stated its aim very clearly

Is anyone listening?

Thursday, April 4, 2024

A Maths Lesson

 A simple lesson in mathematics clearly shows there 
is enough food going into Gaza.

The question is where is it going?

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Mafia crime wave in Israel drives Christians from Nazareth

The centuries-old Christian population in the holy city of Nazareth is slowly disappearing because of a mafia crime wave sweeping northern Israel. Like Bethlehem where there was a Christian majority, of nearly 80%, similarly Nazareth is facing the same fate.

Mafia gang members reportedly harass Christian store owners in the northern Israeli city and demand the equivalent of thousands of pounds in protection money.

Their numbers are reported to have grown since the outbreak of the Gaza war despite the deployment of Shin Bet, the Israeli internal security agency, last year and extra police patrols.

“In Nazareth, the mafia will shoot at the stores, then tell them they need ‘chawa’ [protection]. It’s like the Wild West,” said Peter Roshrash, a senior police inspector who has covered Nazareth for decades.

The gangs, which are predominantly Muslim, charge around 50,000 shekels (£10,750) per month as part of a protection racket, he said.

He also claimed they hide guns in Christian residents’ houses that – if discovered by the police – would lead to a further charge of 200,000 shekels at pain of death.

“The mafia harasses them with thefts, car thefts, puncturing tyres, they can’t live in peace,” he added. “It is a tense time for the Christians, who are as much a historic part of Israel’s fabric as the Jews and Muslims.”

Monday, March 25, 2024

The challenge of Avoiding Civilian Casualties

This is an inside look at Israeli drones and what they do. 
The world needs to see the truth. 
Look at the challenges Israel has when fighting Hamas!