Monday, March 12, 2018

Israeli Doctors Perform Complicated Delivery, Save Syrian Woman and her Baby

Yet another Syrian refugee has sought and received life-saving medical treatment in Israel. 
March 11, 23018
A pregnant Syrian woman was facing an impossible decision – her own death or the death of her unborn child.  She decided to save both by entering Israel to be treated at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.  The decision paid off when she returned home on Tuesday with a healthy baby boy, The Jerusalem Post reported Thursday.
In Syria, the woman’s doctor performed an ultrasound and told her a normal birth would be impossible and that a C-section would be too risky because it could lead to her death or the baby’s. Due to previous cesarean deliveries, the baby’s placenta had become entangled in the mother’s uterine muscles.
She was given a few options, the first being that she could travel north to a Damascus hospital, which had more modern facilities, or travel to Israel.  She originally chose to go to Damascus but was blocked by the heavy fighting in the Syrian civil war.
Facing an impossible situation if she stayed in her village, the woman left her husband and children to travel to Israel for treatment.
A few days after her arrival, she was admitted to the maternity ward at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa under the care of Prof. Ido Solt, who praised the Syrian doctor’s diagnosis. Solt, an expert in high-risk-pregnancies, is head of the maternal-fetal medicine division in the hospital’s obstetrics/gynecology department.
“A normal caesarean would have been impossible, as you would have bled to death,” Solt told the mother, “We will have to do a more complicated procedure.”
Solt worked with doctors in the vascular surgery and transplantation department to plan a procedure that most likely could not have been performed in Syria. Two balloons were inserted into the mother’s uterine arteries to prevent hemorrhaging. Next, obstetricians performed a C-section, delivering a baby who was transferred to an incubator in the neonatology department. Other doctors then sutured the mother’s uterus without complications.
During the first few days in the maternity ward, the baby fought off infections. Though the mother was extremely thankful for the medical care she received, she missed her family back in Syria. She said her husband, whom she had not heard from since she left for Israel, had no idea if she survived the operation. “Now my husband will have a wonderful surprise,” she said.

There is no Religious nor Historical Palestinian Claim for Jerusalem

(Guest posting from Peter Baum, member of TbT - Truth be Told)

The Palestinian and Islamic claim to Jerusalem is a false claim - it is nothing more than a land grab . Below are the facts .

1. Jerusalem is NEVER mentioned in the Koran. It is mentioned 669 times in the Old Testament and if one considers the use of the word Zion which sometimes means Jerusalem, then add another 154 to the 669. 

2. Jerusalem is always said in Jewish prayers, grace after meals, the Passover Festival ending etc. etc. It has no such significance in Islam.

3. Muslims actually turn their backs to Jerusalem when they pray - a sign of contempt. This as a result of the failed attempt by the prophet Mohammed to force Jews to convert to Islam. Many pretended to convert ( in order to stop paying taxes as it was not permitted for Muslims to tax other Muslims ) but maintained their  Judaism. Thus the Quib’la ( direction of prayer) which for some 9 months instructed Muslims to face Jerusalem was scornfully overturned ( Sura 2.14 ).

5. The world at large has been brainwashed to believe that irrespective of the 3 points above, Jerusalem is considered to be Islam’s third holiest city citing a connection that historically could not have happened. In the Koran ( Sura 17.1), The Night Journey the prophet Mohammed ascended to Heaven supposedly from The Sacred Mosque ( Mecca )to The Furthest Mosque. Lies and successfully spewing propaganda now assume that The Furthest Mosque is the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. This is impossible!! The historic timeline is that Mohammed died in 632 CE and the Al Aqsa Mosque was built between 705 and 715 CE. Therefore whatever Mosque the alleged night journey assumed was The Furthest Mosque it was certainly not The Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem for that Mosque did not exist during the prophets lifetime.

6. Jerusalem was NEVER an Arab capital even during Islamic control over the City. Indeed there are numerous accounts from writers and biographers from the 7th to the 19th century ( Bishop Arculf, Thomas Shaw, Count Constantine, Flaubert, Melville,
Thackeray, Twain and others ) who all scribed about the absolute dilapidated condition of Jerusalem under Islamic control. Historically Islam allowed Jerusalem to deteriorate during every period when it was the controlling religion.

7. Jerusalem was NEVER mentioned in the PLO Charter of 1964. How is it so important to Palestinians now ?

8.The Arab word for Jerusalem is ‘Al Quds ‘ which is an abbreviation of ‘ Bayt al MAQDES’ translated means The Holy House. Both of these descriptions are a direct bastardised version of the original and still current Hebrew ‘ Beyt ha - MIKDASH ‘ - translated meaning The Holy Temple. But Islam has never had a Temple , only the Jews had one. Thus the Arabic name for Jerusalem has no connection to Mohammed’s heavenly ascendency but refers to the Jewish Temple.
7. Under Jordanian OCCUPATION ( capitals intended) between 1948 and 1967 not one Arab Head of State visited Jerusalem and

9.the Hashemites made a concerted effort to reduce the importance of Jerusalem both religiously and administratively. All Government Offices except for the Ministry of Tourism were closed and relocated to Amman - these included the Arab High Commission, the Supreme Muslim Council, the Treasury of the Waqf and Religious Endowment bureaus.

10. Even during Islamic / Arab control Jerusalem was never a City of Religious or administrative importance and was NEVER made a Capital. 

11. Jerusalem was made holy by the Jewish King David and has never been the capital of any other nation other than the nation of Judaism. It was historically the capital of Judah for over 1000 years, 2500 years before Islam was invented.

12. There are many instances of Palestinians defiling carpets, furniture, belongings etc. in the Temple Mount . Irrespective of ones religion, places of worship are treated with respect- unless of course you are Muslim and have no respect or connection to the place of worship.

13. Paradoxically there are numerous Suras in the Koran that the land of Israel was given by Allah to the Jews - 5.20 -21 and 17:100 - 104 are just two of many. 59:2 and between 2.40 / 47/ 63 / 65 / 83/ 85/ 87 are others.

Those Muslims claiming Jerusalem, the historic capital of Israel for Islam and / or Palestinians are actually in contempt of the Koran.

It may be worth noting that the only time in the last 3000 years that Jerusalem was ‘ Jew free ‘ was when TransJordan invaded in 1948 and ethnically cleansed East Jerusalem & Judea / Samaria of all Jews renaming it the West Bank and from here grew the MYTH of Arab East Jerusalem. During this period of Arab Nazi type OCCUPATION, Jerusalem was defiled and gravestones used for paving.

One can analyse from the FACTS above that any Islamic or Palestinian claim to Jerusalem is a myth.

We can study how the Islamic world has ethnically cleansed Christians and Jews from lands where both religions had inhabited since time immemorial. And their churches and synagogues destroyed. Similar is now happening in Muslim countries to mosques by Muslims depending on which brand of Islam is in control. 

The claim to Jerusalem by Palestinians is a false claim and is just the start of a land grab with the purpose of controlling the whole of the Middle East . 

Unfortunately Israel and her supporters have been overwhelmed by an opposition only too willing to exploit myths and propagate hate through myths to a silent, uninformed majority who through inertia, ignorance and bigotry have promoted such propaganda to Israel’s detriment.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Why Mass Shootings Don't Happen in Israel

With the mass shootings that have happened across America, most recently in a Florida school where 17 were gunned down, a CBS reporter traveled to Israel to find out why this type of tragedy is almost unheard of in Israeli schools.
What is Israel doing differently than America?
Watch now and learn all about Israel’s creative policies and intensive gun training to keep students safe.

Lebanese Journalist: Israel Excels and Arabs Failed a Century After Balfour

Feb 22, 2018
A Lebanese journalist has conceded that looking back at a century of history in the Middle East, the Arab world has failed where Israel has shined.

In a November 25, 2017 article marking the 100th  anniversary of the Balfour Declaration published in the London-based daily Al-Hayat, Lebanese journalist Karam Al-Hilu compared the meager accomplishments of the Arab world in the past century with those of the rest of the countries of the world, and particularly Israel.

The Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917 was a letter from British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Baron Rothschild stating that “His Majesty’s government views with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.”

Al-Hilu noted that Israel’s supremacy in the areas of science, economy, society, and politics is the source of its strength, as well as the source of the Arabs’ failure in confronting it.

“A century after the Balfour Declaration the Arabs have not managed to build a [a single] state that possesses knowledge, justice, and the economic, social, and human capability for confronting Zionism,” al-Hilu wrote, according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) recently published,

Arab Lack of Achievements

“One hundred years have been squandered [by the Arabs], in all aspects; during them, the Arabs have been confronting Israel while their cultural infrastructure was in crisis – in the areas of knowledge, politics, economy, society and thought,” he charged.

According to a 2014 Arab Knowledge Report published by the United Nations (UN), despite the existence of 500 Arab universities, with an enrollment of nine million students and faculties of 220,000 lecturers, scientific achievements are meager in the Arab world, which has failed to adapt to digital culture and other basic aspects of human progress.

Expenditure on scientific research for its part is negligible.

Scientists and research output are a rarity in the Arab world, and the research that is published there constitutes only 0.8 percent of the global average. The number of patents registered to the Arabs in the past 50 years does not exceed the number of those registered by Malaysia alone.

“Not a single Arab university ranks among the 500 best in the world, while Israel supersedes the Arabs at an astronomical rate, in inventions and in hi-tech export. Israel has completely wiped out illiteracy  [among its citizens], while among the Arabs, 23 percent remain illiterate,” he further noted.
Arab Law and Justice

The Arabs have also not succeeded in building a single state of law and justice, he pointed out.’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2016, published January 2017, shows that six of the 10 most corrupt countries in the world are Arab. Countries such as Egypt and Tunisia are ranked 108th in corruption, and Lebanon is 136th, while Israel takes 33rd place, which places it with the developed countries.

“[The Arabs] have not managed to establish a country [in which there is] economic justice; the class gaps [among the Arabs] are very great and unemployment, particularly among young people, tops out at 35.7 percent in Egypt, 32.1 percent in Iraq, and 45.3 percent in Mauritania,” he added.

For the Arabs to change the course of history and rectify this situation, as part of the “resistance to Israel,” they must start by “reading these numbers and these facts,” claimed al-Hilu.

While the Arab world has “spared no blood, martyrdom, or [self-]sacrifice” in its fight against Israel, “it has been negligent in the areas of science, economy, society, and politics that are the source of Israel’s strength – just as they are the source of our failure in confronting it,” he concluded.

Arab and Muslim journalists and commentators have previously expressed envy over Israel’s success in various realms, especially compared to the stagnation of the Arab and Muslim world.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Co-Existence in Haifa

In an exhilarating display of unity and brotherhood, thousands of Israelis, including Jews, Arabs and Christians, gathered in Haifa to sing together in harmony.
A group called Koolulam organized the event at which 3,000 people who had never before met learned to sing “One Day” by Matisyahu in English, Hebrew and Arabic.
The event is part of an effort to create more unity and cultivate a feeling of togetherness by sharing “communal experiences.”
Listen to the fantastic results and share with your friends. It’s incredibly beautiful–everyone will want to hear this!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Lies, Lies and More Lies

The following is from a friend of mine which reflects wide ranging support.
Abbas, the Palestinian leader, the guy with whom we are to make peace, addressed the Security Council about a month ago. As one reads the comments on his speech and the quotes from it, the extent of the lies spread by the Palestinians, with Abbas at the helm, once again boggle the mind.
Although Israel is of course, like any other country, has its faults, the entire picture and even every negative fact about Israel spread by Abbas and his mates, is just one huge lie . The extent of the lies is just beyond the comprehension of the western mind. Forget about the "inaccuracies" sprouted by well-known politicians  here - they're not in the same league as he is. They sometimes tell the truth! This is a unique phenomenon.
Just to touch on one example from his speech - the most impressive (by a hair's breadth) for me. He claimed that " Palestinians youths are raised in “an environment of tolerance, coexistence of civilizations and nondiscrimination". This is like stating adamantly that ISIS teaches its followers  - guess what? - "tolerance, coexistence of civilizations and nondiscrimination". We regularly see quotes from their schoolbooks in which maths is taught using sums about how many Israelis a Palestinian kills in various circumstances and how many martyrs go to heaven because of killing an Israeli and on and on, plus the young kids' holiday camps where they learn how to do it, and of course to hate Jews and Israelis so that their greatest feat will be to become a martyr as above.... and so on. Beyond comprehension? Well, it worked under the Nazis and it's working for the Palestinian youth. New heights in the art of lying....
While many pretend that these are the facts while knowing the opposite, there are also many who in good faith, and wanting to do good for the underdog, lap it up and set out to correct the horrors imposed by Israel on the Palestinians (although they don't seem to care much about all the wrongs being done elsewhere in the world against minorities all over, but we won't flog that dead horse here again).
When and if you look through the editorial from our local paper, you'll see lies, including the above-quoted, which are so preposterous any normal human being would be too embarrassed to come out with them, and any normal human being would chuck him out and say "come on, cut out the bullshit - who do you think we are, total idiots?"  But nobody says it. Maybe I'M on the wrong planet.
I confess to getting a bit frustrated sometimes....

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Time For UNRWA To Face The Truth About Its Textbooks

by Marcus Sheff  February 17, 2018
According to the textbooks being read by half a million Palestinian children, the only solution available is victory via resistance, jihad, radical Islamism and defeating Israel once and for all.

Last week, immediately after a motion in support of UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) was approved by the European Parliament in Strasbourg, UNRWA jubilantly tweeted, “Second largest democratic parliament in the world reaffirms commitment to UNRWA. The European Parliament unanimously stands with Palestine refugees.”

UNRWA’s triumphalism was jarring. It exposed not only a self-serving oversimplification of the situation, but also a wholesale disregard for the concerns rightfully raised about its work. In particular the promotion of hatred, extremism, violence and conflict in UNRWA schools.
A recent world tour by UNRWA commissioner-general Pierre Krähenbühl to drum up financial support following a US freeze on funds to the organization relied heavily on an accompanying PR slogan, “#QualityEducation is key to a better future.”

No doubt it is. But Palestinian children are not receiving it.

The 500,000 children taught at UNRWA schools across the West Bank, Gaza and in east Jerusalem all study the new Palestinian Authority school curriculum, completed by the PA Education Ministry in August 2017.

Our report on the accompanying textbooks and examples demonstrates that radicalization is pervasive in this new curriculum, even more so than its predecessor. Quite simply, the new textbooks groom young Palestinians to sacrifice themselves as martyrs.

These are schoolbooks which promote hate, encourage a commitment to jihad and feature a radical Islamist, and occasionally Salafist, worldview. Young Palestinians are taught that martyrdom for boys and girls is a life goal, that dying is better than living and that jihad is the pinnacle of ambition. Those who risk their lives by taking up arms are praised and those who choose the path of non-violence are denigrated as cowards.

Science and math lessons are used to teach violence. Newtonian gravity is taught through the image of a boy with a slingshot targeting soldiers, to explain power, mass, and tensile strength, while math exercises instruct students to calculate number of martyrs in Palestinian uprisings and teach probability with examples of Israelis shooting at passing Palestinian cars.

UNRWA is firmly in denial about the curriculum it teaches. But those who finance UNRWA should not be. In 2017, the US gave $364 million, equivalent to a third of the UNRWA budget. The EU came in second at $143m. Germany followed at $76m. Then Sweden at $61m. and the UK at $60m. (Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states combined represented just 7% of UNRWA’s budget). These countries are receiving a damaging return on their very significant investment.

After all, the benchmarks are clear. The UN has a roadmap for UNRWA. Through another of its bodies, UNESCO, several resolutions have set out clear standards on textbooks. They are expected to promote peace and tolerance. They are mandated to encourage respect for the “other” and peacemaking as the tool for resolving conflict and gender inequality. They are to include unbiased information and exclude hateful material.

The new PA curriculum fails miserably on every count. It fails to respect tolerance, nor is there any understanding toward the Israeli and Western “other.” Instead, there is demonization. The principle of “no hate” is thoroughly rejected – the curriculum is packed with wording, imagery and ideology likely to create prejudices, misconceptions, stereotypes, misunderstandings, mistrust, racial and national hatred, and religious bigotry.

And by no measure can the information presented in the curriculum be viewed as unbiased. In fact, students are indoctrinated, with the world divided into a Manichean paradigm, a simplistic binary choice between good and evil. There is little or no complexity, empathy or real understanding of historical development. As for gender equality, while some secular topics in the curriculum include respect for women’s choice, in the religious and jihadist elements, women are not equal in life, only in their value as martyrs in death.

At last week’s European Parliament plenary session to discuss UNRWA, commissioner Johannes Hahn said that “The European Union is convinced that the two-state solution is the only possible answer if we want to achieve lasting peace in the Middle East.”

Absolutely. But with respect to that most important of UNESCO standards – peacemaking as the way to resolve conflict – the PA curriculum rejects negotiations with Israel to achieve Palestinian statehood. According to the textbooks being read by half a million Palestinian children, the only solution available is victory via resistance, jihad, radical Islamism and defeating Israel once and for all.

Outside the plenary session itself, in the flowery-carpeted bar where legislators, staff and lobbyists mingle, a ray of hope could be found. Some parliamentary members were openly challenging the work of UNRWA. Meanwhile, several legislators from the centrist and liberal factions were also quietly questioning the UNRWA approach. For many in the European mainstream, openly challenging UNRWA remains a step too far. But this must quickly change, for the sake of the very people UNRWA is mandated to help. UNRWA is a vital UN agency providing essential services to Palestinians. But right now, it is betraying itself, its donors and most importantly, the 500,000 Palestinian children it serves.