Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just where is all that money going?

With an average of 50 terror alerts daily, the security forces are kept on their toes to avoid these alerts becoming a reality. According to reports from the Herzliya center for terror information there were still over 2000 terror related incidents in 2006 but thankfully a considerable reduction in the number of fatalities and injuries

The amount of international aid going to the Palestinians is unbelievable:-

US aid to the Palestinians 2005: $400m 2006: increases to $468m
European Union aid to the Palestinians2005: $711m 2006: increases to $916m
International Monetary Fund and UN aid to the Palestinians2005: $1bn 2006: increases to $1.2bn.

The aid described above mostly went directly to individual Palestinians, or through UN agencies like the World Food Programme, rather than being transferred to the Palestinian Authority. Nevertheless, "these numbers are quite stunning" said Alexander Costy, assistant to Alvaro de Soto, UN Special Middle East Envoy. (Source: New York Times analysis published on 21 March 2007 by their lead Middle East reporter Steven Erlanger).

With all this money going in, just what is it really being used for. There may be shortaqges of food and nothing for building up the Palestinian infrastructure but there seems to be no shortage whatsoever for arms and ammunition

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