Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yes Guys it is Terror in the UK

The new Prime Minister in the UK has finally said "It's terror". Quite right guys, that is exactly what it is. His new adviser said it will take 10-15 years to get to grips with the problem. Sorry to say it guys, you are wrong!!

Welcome to the reality club. Unless the political correctness and liberalism is changed as a feature of UK society, then it is going to take a lot longer. And as usual Jews are at the forefront of the new Battle of Britain

Labour MP John Mann initiated an inquiry and reported: 'It is clear that violence, desecration and intimidation directed towards Jews is on the rise. Jews have become more anxious and more vulnerable to attack than at any time for a generation or longer.'

Following a meeting of the trustees of the BBC, a friend who attended was approached after the
meeting by both the head of the trustees and the deputy-general of the BBC. The former was amazed that this friend had hinted at a connection between anti-Israel bias and growing anti-semitism in Britain, especially when she mentioned that many of her friends were considering leaving Britain as a result of the atmosphere.

Come on Britain "Wake up" - you are in the real world now

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