Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Fast of Av and the Future of Israel?

The fast of Tisha B'av has just been completed. This fast commemorates many tragedies that have occurred in Jewish history and specifically, the Israelites' temple which was destroyed 70AD by the Romans. Large numbers of the Jewish population were exiled to Rome where they became slaves (from whom some later became Christian); and their political state was crushed by the Romans who removed their name from the map of the Middle East, replaced it with Palestine (Philistine).

From this time forward it was a province of the Roman Empire and thus, the Israelites were living in their ancient land as a conquered people under the Romans. Then in 700AD the land was conquered by Salah HaDin and the Ottoman Turks. The Israelites were not freed until 1948 when the State of Israel was declared.

Now once again the country is under threat from Iran, Hizbollah and Hamas. With the appointment of Tony Blair as the quartet’s special envoy, Israel will again be pushed for concessions to the Palestinians. British Parliamentarians softened their demands for negotiating with Hamas and said that while it is critical for the group to renounce violence, it does not necessarily need to recognize Israel for preliminary contact to be established with the European Union,

In a report to be published this week , a subcommittee of the House of Lords' European Union Committee said that the EU should avoid an "undesirably rigid" approach to dealing with Hamas that would risk undermining progress in building viable and democratic Palestinian institutions, a prerequisite, they say, for any peace settlement.

I wonder if these parliamentarians have read the Hamas charter. It should be compulsory for everyone. Judging by recent references with "Hamas" and "moderate" in the same sentence, it could well be that many UK MPs and journalists are in happy ignorance. Strange that the charter never gets quoted in the media - it seems to be a no go area.

The Hamas Charter is as up front as Mein Kampf. One can't understand the Israel/Palestinian conflict without it. To read it all see

If you read nothing else, articles 22 and 30 which could have been taken directly from the notorious Protocols of Zion. Also a must read is Article 32 which speaks about the Zionist aim to control the world and quotes the Protocols as the evidence.

For Tony Blair’s attention, article 13 makes it very clear there is no acceptance of the role of negotiators or peace initiatives and article 18 is about mothers teaching their children to be fighters!

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