Friday, July 27, 2007

A period of calm - really??

A couple of days ago I received an e-mail from a contact in South Africa who thought "we now had a period of calm"!! Really??

From an army report yesterday, it was stated that the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) operated in the Gaza Strip as part of the continued effort to intercept terrorist activity intended to harm Israeli civilians. In parallel the IDFcontinues doing its utmost to prevent uninvolved civilian casualties.

The IDF targeted the following terror operatives in the southern Gaza Strip:
a.. Palestinian gunman armed with an anti-tank missile near an IDF force.
b.. Three senior Islamic Jihad terrorists: Omar Khatib, Khalil Daifi andAhmad Abed Alal, who were recently involved in attacks against Israeli civilians.
c.. Two Palestinian gunmen armed with an anti-tank missile in proximity to a force.
d.. An aerial attack of gunmen that opened fire at an IDF force. Due to suspicion of an unarmed civilian being among the gunmen the missile was aborted although the target still posed a threat.

Two Qassam rocket launchers and two armed gunmen preparing to fire Qassam rockets installed on the launchers from the northern Gaza Strip into Israel were targeted. On July 22nd of this week, the IDF also targeted Qassam launchers and two gunmen who used them to fire rockets which hit the Sapir College in Sderot injuring an Israeli woman, a school in the city and another community in the western Negev.

During the past week there were over 55 projectile launchings, approximately 30 of which landed in Israel. Among these, there were about 20 Qassam rockets, 11 of which landed in Israel in the past week. At least 9 civilians were wounded by Qassam fire, including a baby girl in a Kibbutz, as well as structural damage that was caused to property in the western Negev.

In the past month over 120 rockets and mortar shells fired from the GazaStrip hit Israel. There was one attempt to infiltrate into Israel from the northern Gaza Stripthis week. On Saturday night, July 21st, an IDF force identified two gunmencarrying rifles and grenades attempting to infiltrate Israel, while hurlinga hand grenade and activating an explosive device at the force, whichresponded with fire and hit the two.

If that is calm I wonder what action means?

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