Monday, August 22, 2016

Syrian refugee creates website to thank Israelis

Israel has very quietly helping Syrian refugees long before the rest of the world were paying attention to the conflict's human disaster.   There were/are many projects such as setting medical hospital up north, opening the borders to treat injured Syrians.  Israeli children collecting jackets and blankets in the winters to clothes Syrian children.  They were concerned that Syrians parents may not use Israeli clothes because the cloths tags are in Hebrew so they tore out all the tags.  They did not give the clothes/blankest for acknowledgment but to make sure the Syrian children are warm in the winter.    Israel doesn't toot its own horn when it engages in humanitarian aid.  They simply do it out of sense of compassion and express Jewish values.

Now,  a Syrian refugee living in Turkey feels safe enough to begin sharing.  He has many hits from Arabs who cannot speak out in encouragement to speak for them too 

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