Monday, August 22, 2016

Another Rocket in the area? OK - Let's Get on with the Music Festival

The Israeli military hit more than 50 terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, following Palestinian rocket fire at Israel's southern town of Sderot.

Israeli commanders said the retaliatory strikes marked the greatest blow suffered by Hamas since Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

The rocket fired from Gaza landed in a residential area, exploding next to a house and causing no damage or injuries. Police and Homefront Command forces cordoned off the area while sappers safely removed the projectile from the premises.

"The IAF targeted terrorist infrastructure in response to projectile fire at the city of Sderot, which violated Israel's sovereignty and placed Israeli lives at risk. Hamas is the sovereign ruler of the Gaza Strip and it will be held responsible for any terrorist attack emanating from Gaza." an IDF statement said.

The attack disrupted the Live Sderot music festival that had been taking place in the city. Mayor Alon Davidi consulted with police and military officials, and was granted permission to resume the festival, which saw some 5,000 visitors. Israelis gathered to celebrate.

"We'll prove to anyone who wants to harm us and disrupt our lives that they can't do that," said one festival goer. "Naturally, we have some concerns over the rocket fire, but rocket or no rocket -- life has to go on."

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