Saturday, November 14, 2009

Water Technology

As a new desalination plant comes on stream with a potential of 125 mill cu.m of water, Israel now has more desalination capacity than the water taken from the Sea of Galilee. Three more plants are planned in the next 3 years to counter the long term drought we have been experiencing.

This coming week, twenty-five ministerial delegations and 150 company directors and business people are expected to visit the 5th International Water Technologies and Environmental Control Exhibition – WATEC Israel 2009 – on November 17-19 at the Trade Fairs and Conventions Center in Tel Aviv.

Simultaneously, an international conference will examine the need for a sustainable economy to reduce environmental damage, for the benefit of future generations. The conference will address the problems and challenges facing different countries – more efficient water consumption, limiting environmental pollution and the increasing use of alternative energy sources globally.

Some of the conference sessions will be run using a unique model focusing on continents. Guests from the particular countries will present their challenges, and commercial and research institute representatives will offer possible technological solutions to these problems.

All the sessions – moderated by commercial attach├ęs from the Israeli Ministry of Trade and Industry – will focus on innovative developments over the last two years. One example is the Israeli-Jordanian Project for Production of Bio-Diesel from Agricultural Waste. The Project, which enables production of alternative energy without harming the production of food, is initiated by Israeli and Jordanian companies and will be presented for the first time at the conference.

Once again Israel is in the forefront with water technologies

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