Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Israel's Clean Coast Program Cited in UN Report

Israel has been cited for its Clean Coast Program in a comprehensive report on the status of marine litter in seas and coasts, published by the United Nations Environment Programme's Regional Seas Programme and the Ocean Conservancy earlier this year.

Certainly in our regular walks on the local beach it is rare to see any litter. What we do see in the mornings, is a team checking the beach and tidying up anything left over from the previous night.

In the Mediterranean chapter of the publication, Israel's Clean Coast Program, which has been operated by the Ministry of Environmental Protection for the past four years, with the active participation of local authorities and the general public is specifically mentioned.

The publication notes that quantifiable results "showed a significant improvement in coastal cleanliness" and that this was achieved "in cooperation with inspectors of the Marine and Coastal Environment Division, wide-scale media coverage and long term educational plans and cooperation with organizations."

The Israeli Clean Coast Program is dedicated to improving the cleanliness level on the country's beaches through assistance to local authorities, education and information and increased enforcement.