Monday, March 16, 2009

There is No Peace Process

Most Israelis believe that the Palestinians don’t want to make a comprehensive peace with Israel in exchange for a Palestinian state, says Professor Barry Rubin. "Hamas doesn’t want it; the Palestinian Authority (PA) is both unwilling and unable to do it."

Therefore the new government being formed is reflecting the realities on the ground. Peace has not been thought of in the Palestinian’s minds with the occupation of the young Palestinians minds with the obsessive thoughts of “throwing Israel into the sea”

After the big risks taken in the withdrawal from Lebanon and Gaza it is clear that this is not the way forward to peace agreements.

Although the international media is rejoicing in bashing Netanyahu even before he takes office no-one is looking beyond the most superficial level of propaganda made by the Palestinian leaders. As Rubin says “the conclusion is unavoidable that there is no possibility of an Israeli-Palestinian peace for years to come. This is regardless of who is Israel’s leader or anything within reason that could be offered."

Mahmoud Abbas is too weak and has insufficient support. While considered relatively moderate, he will not give up the demand for all Palestinian refugees to be able to live in Israel, He has made no attempt to transform Palestinian political thinking or to provide an alternative vision of peace for his people.

There is no moderate alternative Palestinian leader in Fatah or elsewhere.
Schools, mosques, media and other institutions controlled fully or partly by the PA daily preach that all Israel is Palestine, Israel is evil, and violence against it is good. Hardly the most minimal steps have been taken to prepare the Palestinian masses for peace.

Palestinian public opinion polls consistently show overwhelming support for hardline positions, and for terrorism against Israeli civilians.

An unyielding historical narrative still predominates that the whole land between the Jordan River and the sea is and should be Arab Palestine.

There is no peace process it has to be said that the “The emperor has no clothes”.

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