Thursday, March 12, 2009


The original aim of the upcoming UN conference on Racism was to help the African continent but it was hijacked by the Arab states to promote their agenda. With the chairmanship of the conference in the hands of Libya and the Deputy chair held by Cuba plus other muslim countries on the committee there has been a total distortion of the original aims.

The wording of the documents to be discussed at Geneva during the UN conference on racial discrimination in April has crossed the stated red lines of the Europeans and yet only Italy has had the courage of its convictions to withdraw.

These red lines are:-
a. The singling out of Israel for blame.
b. The inclusion of the "defamation of religion" clause that would protect Islamist extremist ideology from criticism.
c. Listing a hierarchy of racisms, with Islamophobia as the most disturbing form. All racisms are to be fought equally.
d. Removing the mention of the importance of Holocaust commemoration and removing the condemnation of anti-Semitism from the past document.

In FRANCE on February 13th 2008, Nicolas Sarkosy said quite categorically "France will not allow a repetition of the excesses and abuses of 2001.
Our European partners share France's concerns. France will chair the EU in the final months preceding the review conference. I say to you: if ever our legitimate demands are not taken into account, we will disengage from the process. I think my answer is unambiguous.

In BRITAIN in a parliamentary debate on May 13th 2008 Jim Murphy, minister for Europs said "We will play no part in an international conference that exhibits the degree of anti-Semitism that was disgracefully on view on the previous occasion. If it gets to a point that we come to the view that the conference cannot be a success, the option of withdrawal from the conference remains available to us."

In HOLLAND on May 18th 2008, the Foreign Minister said "The Netherlands will not accept it if there are any attempts to call Israel a racist state at a UN conference."

Finally in DENMARK on October 28th 2008, their Foreign Minister said "If the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) pushes through this draft
resolution, they shall not expect European or Western countries to be present at the table... we cannot accept that religion be conflated with racism."

Now, just why have these countries not taken the decision to withdraw? All their red lines have been crossed. What a moral outrage

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