Sunday, March 22, 2009

Smokin' a Pipe of Peace

Haifa is making great efforts to improve its status and stature and recently an unusual meeting between the Mayor Yona Yahav and group of potential investors sees the possibility of moving the city further forward. Nothing unusual in that you may say. However on this occasion the potential investors were agroup of North American Indians from the Coushatta tribe, see

This tribe, a realtively small one, only about 850 people, is very wealthy as a result of their casina based in Louisianna. The turnover of this is estimated to be of the order of $140 mill. This is the first time that they are considering investing outside the United States

The group were taken around Haifa and shown the range of opportunities for investment, from Hi Tech to the Bio Science park now being planned, to education, energy renewal and agriculture.

It is to be hoped that the delegation will find Haifa unique in offering a partnership with the tribe and instead of smoking a narghila or hookah maybe we will see people smoking the pipes of peace on the beaches at night.

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