Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wake Up World - Israel is Fighting for You

I met an Israeli journalist at a conference recently who writes letters to a Los Angeles community. His latest letter to my mind explains why this war in Gaza is part of a much wider campaign by Iran and their allies which will ultimately affect the whole world unless, together with world support of Israel's actions in Gaza, we ultimately destroy Hamas.

I therefore think it is worth spreading his message as widely as possible. I reproduce here part of his letter, if you want to read it all, go to

Over the last four days here in Israel, not everyone is participating or even feeling a war. Life proceeds on its tracks to those outside the ever expanding radii of the rockets and mortar. The line is currently drawn at a marathon distance of 26 miles. The opposition to Israel's attempt at sanity – defending its own citizens from an ongoing collective punishment – has been met with fierce [verbal] fighting the world over.

The Gaza War now involves the whole world – people are demonstrating, participating in online groups, writing letters to the editor, discussing articles. Soon, Jews, Israelis and Americans and Jewish, Israeli and American symbols will be targeted. We all take part in this war.

The Gaza War is not about the rockets precision-aimed toward Israeli towns and cities. Neither is it about a soldier who has been held in captivity in Gaza for 920 days. The Gaza War is a war on public opinion in the Public Diplomacy Front. It is a war of Islam against the West, and countries are taking sides.

The Gaza War is that of Iran against the West, with the first pawn – Hamas – being tested. Iran sits in the background and waits. Gazans object to the war. They are held hostage by Hamas which has no value for human lives and uses the Gazans as human shields, as elements in the soup it brews.

Hamas uses pictures of body parts, does not take the injured child to the hospital before the cameras arrive, places children in and around their headquarters, explosive labs and ammunition caches, talks about a siege and human sufferings and humanitarian crisis (any connection to reality may be ignored) and thus distorts the world. A false image is created and any arguments to the contrary fall on deaf ears. -[thus is the world media gullible and not objective]

For Israel to win the war, the world will have to realize it is not a single operation, the Palestinians are not the victims, the true target is the world itself.

Wake up world, Israel is fighting for you.


James-Guy Jacobs said...

Fantastic blog. Keep going! Am Yisrael Chai!

Anonymous said...

I am living in a country growing up among Muslim, as usual we were brought up to hate Israel, Jew,Zionist or anything you care to name.
Once I met a Jew (American citizen) that came to my country (Moshe was his name), I went on to ask him on the Israel and Palestinian story, not even once during the conversation he ever made blanket comment about Palestinian which surprised me most, not even once he ever made comment about Muslim, he only vividly quote that it is their long fought war of ideologies. He was a 6 days war veteran too, he went on to tell me how Israel was so rich historically and he even dug out some coins >100 years old behind his grandma's house.
The ending note was, he asked me if I ever had opportunity to visit Israel (my country barred me to traveling to Israel), I must at least do it once in this lifetime.
From that day onwards, I realized quite the opposite about Jew.