Monday, January 19, 2009

A View from the Border with Gaza

The Israel army is now in a state of "Holding Fire". Everyone here has their opinions on whether this will become a long term status or not. The statements made by Hamas and their "success" does not auger well for the future. But then why should Hamas change? The world is preparing to pump millions of the taxpayers money into Gaza for "reconstruction", the question is how can they avoid their monies being used for the resconstruction of the supply of arms for a future battle?

And what about the residents on the border of Gaza? One of my correspondents writes

What do I think about this cease fire,i t sounds good and like I said it is quiet,I even slept all night from 11:00 PM till this morning at 9:30, first time I slept during the whole night since the war started.

There is a "but" to this so. I want to add in what I call "the media rape of Israel"

I have watched on the world news and on Internet and have seen so many untrue facts being thrown out that damage Israel's reputation, here are a couple just to get the picture:

Schools,religious sites, private homes were targeted by Israel because of weapons or Hammas fighters being in these places and shooting at Israeli targets and Israeli soldiers. Booby traps were found by IDF ground troops in these places and weapons stored also.

Then there is a sad story of a Palestinian doctor that works in a Israel hospital, some of his family members and children etc. were killed by Israeli soldiers. (
This gives a wonderful heartbreaking story to the international media, it has all the elements required. Why am I cynical? Pallywood films continued unabated during the war and ...)

Today I hear that doctors found that in a son of his that was seriously injured, the bullet in him was a type not used by the IDF. I have no idea who shot them, only one story will make the main media headlines or articles, and you can guess who it will be.

Israel is not an angel,yes sometimes there are bad apples but which nation is not guilty of this! But also many reporters are not honest in their stories, or do not check out their source of information.. Too many times their reports are so biased, they are willing to believe everything they hear from the terrorists, and question Israelis version of the story.

I wrote a letter to you all yesterday but after I reread it, I saw I was very upset and mad and was ashamed at what I wrote,so I deleted it. Today I am still mad but am more settled down.

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