Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is The EU Coming to its Senses?

In Jabaliya,Gaza, yesterday a senior EU official blasted the "abominable" destruction in the enclave and said that "the terrorist Hamas rulers bear overwhelming responsibility for the war."

"It is abominable, indescribable," said Louis Michel, European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid, after touring some of the worst-hit places in the territory.

"I intentionally say this here -- Hamas is a terrorist movement and it has to be denounced as such. Blasting the scale of destruction in Gaza, Michel said the European Union, the main donor to the Palestinians, was sick of paying for the same infrastructure that's destroyed over and over again.

Just when will the European taxpayers realize how much of their money is going to waste. Hamas is insisting that all funds are channeled through them - how absurd to accept such a demand. but will the EU really stand by their commisioner? Let's wait and see.

As with Lebanon, the Iranians and Hizbollah rushed to "show" the population that they really cared and started handing over money very soon after the cease fire came into effect. Now Iran and Hamas are trying to do the same thing.

I believe the amount of video evidence of the cynical use of Gazans by Hamas will have some effect on the Gazans but whether they will be able to express themselves remains to be seen.

The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) has issued a report expressing its deep concern following verified information documented by its Gaza Program on attacks committed against citizens in the Gaza Strip by Hamas. ICHR demands that the deposed government in the Gaza Strip put an end to extra-judicial killings and assaults against citizens and their personal freedoms. ICHR also urges the deposed government to investigate these attacks and take expedite measures to prosecute perpetrators.

The report demands that
a) immediate measures be taken to put an end to extra-judicial killings and assailment on citizens.
b) an investigation be launched into all incidents of extra-judicial killings and assaults against citizens in the Gaza Strip. Offenders should be duly prosecuted and held accountable in accordance with the law.
c) rights of Palestinian citizens be safeguarded and the rule of law established and promoted.
d) the deposed government bear its assigned responsibility of providing security and safety to citizens.

Just how many Fatah supporters have been killed extra judicially? How many of the civilian death toll is the responsibility of Hamas?

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