Saturday, January 3, 2009

Conversation with Egyptian via Internet

The following conversation was sent to me by a friend who communicates via the internet with a friend in Egypt.

(Lobby): can i ask you something
(Me): always
(Lobby): what do you think about what is going on in Gaza now?
(Me): unfortunate, but necessary so long as a terrorist organisation like Hamas is in control
(Lobby): do you think it is necessary even at the cost of lives in the hundreds half of them women and kids .. bombing houses civil offices and schoold by sea and air ??
(Me): ours is a defensive operation, let the Hamas come out in the open, and not hide behind the civilians. What have our civilains done do deserve daily rocket attacks ? Put yourself in our shoes and offer a different solution
(Lobby): i would certainly not think of bombing houses with F-16 ..
(Me): even if that is where the chief of operations has his headquarters, with arsenals of weapons in the buiding?
(Lobby): just jow many chief of operations are there ?? and in how many houses ?? mosques? schools ?? public buildings ?? still .. does it justify killing the civilians surrounding that ...
(Lobby): chief ?? in the hundreds .. wounded in the thousands ??
(Me): I saw the hadith that he issued to his followers, that wives and children must stay with the fighters. What type of instruction is that? Did the Egyptian army ever operate out of civialian centres? never !!!
(Lobby): i dont know why you call these instructions "hadith" .. but assuming that is the case it still does not justify all that cold blood murder going on for over a week now

(Me): it is not cold blooded murder in my eyes, it is self defense. We should be allowed to live in peace, and that is not happening. Hamas just doesn't want us there, no matter what we do
(Lobby): i can not sleep at nights .. knowing that children are left homeless in that cold living in terror .. hamas may be tagged as terrorist .. but the casaulities are people like you and me .. and they are in the hundreds and hundreds .. the stupid fools of hamas costed the lives of less then 10 israelies in the past 8 years ..
(Me): Israel has to destroy Hamas' capabilty to continue shooting rockets at our cities and traumatising millions of people. It's not a question of maths. Do you have a concrete suggestion?
(Lobby): yes .. destroy Hamas .. i am with you .. but spare the lives of innocent civilians
(Lobby): bye now .. i have to go

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