Monday, July 17, 2017

BDS is Losing

The BDS movement  has been demonizing Israel online since the movement was created and although it has taken time, there is an going backlash by pro Israel activists that are turning the tide.
By highlighting the hypocritical actions of the organisers, more and more people are beginning to realise the true message of these bullies.
Recently virulent anti-Israel critic Ken Loach recently chided rockers Radiohead for performing in Israel, while he regularly screens his own films there. Loach vocally condemns artists who perform in Israel as supporting an “apartheid regime” and calls on others to boycott Israel. However, his latest film “I, Daniel Blake” is currently showing in Israeli cinemas.
Further, more and more States in the USA are passing legislation banning the state from doing business with those businesses supporting the boycott message.
We read almost daily of legal battles being won, most recently the students association at the University of Ontario won a ruling against the banning of a pro Israel group of attending campus events.
In the eyes of the Vice President of the Israel Project the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions operatives are already losers.

“When people read about BDS in the media, they get the sense that the delegitimization campaign is winning. But it’s not, it’s losing in a big way,”
 “Our main message is twofold,” he said. “First, that they aren’t about peace, but about hate and bullying. Every time they reveal their true face, we make sure everyone knows about it. Second, that they fail much more often than they succeed. They are on the defensive. With the help of a very wide and large coalition of organizations in Israel and the United States, these BDS activists are finding it more difficult to operate.”

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