Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sound Bytes of failed cease fire

With the failed attempt at a cease fire yesterday, it not being accepted by Hamas, the rockets continue.

The following are short sharp sound bytes that can be used in letters or conversations with friends, colleagues, etc

·       Israel accepted the Egyptian brokered ceasefire, supported by the Arab League, but Hamas and Islamic Jihad rejected it.

·       By rejecting the ceasefire and continuing to launch rockets at Israel, Hamas demonstrates once again that it is more interested in terror than in caring for the citizens of Gaza.

·       Hamas is directly responsible for the continuing hostilities, and for the suffering caused to civilians on both sides.

·       Hamas commits war crimes by using Gaza civilians as human shields and cynically puts their lives in grave danger. Hamas deliberately embeds its military operations deep within residential areas, in schools, mosques and hospitals.

·       Hamas considers every man, woman and child in Israel a legitimate target.

·       Israel does not consider the population of Gaza as enemies. Israel does the utmost to avoid harming uninvolved civilians and is acting solely to weaken Hamas terrorist infrastructure and safeguard our civilians.

·       Israel's goal is to restore the quiet for its citizens while inflicting a significant blow on the terrorist organizations.

·       No country in the world would sit idly by while its civilian population is subjected to terrorist rocket fire. Israel is no exception.

·       There is no symmetry: "Israel uses missile defense to protect its civilians, while Hamas is using its civilians to protect its missiles" (PM Netanyahu).

·       The international community must strongly condemn Hamas and the war crimes it is perpetrating in order to put an end to suffering on both sides.

·       In 2005 Israel withdrew from Gaza to the last millimeter and every last settlement was removed, just as the international community demanded. It should now support Israel's campaign against Hamas.

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Anonymous said...

The international community should now support Israel's campaign against Hamas, since they were the ones who pressured Israel to give up Gaza to them. When many thought that would bring PEACE, I felt that it was a very big and dangerous mistake. Arabs live in all parts of the world, including Israel, and are treated without prejudice, but Jews had to leave their homes in Gaza (and cannot live in Arab lands) ... how can this bring PEACE. That was a very big mistake. This is certainly not a PEACEFUL solution. Unless Jews are allowed to live in Gaza and Arab lands without prejudice, there will not be PEACE. Gaza cannot exist for Palestinians only, as well as the West Bank. The same laws of justice should apply to everyone, for PEACE. The WORLD should open their eyes and stop blaming Israel for Arab prejudice and injustice, and Israel should demand that from the International Community, if they really want PEACE.