Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Israel's Response to Hamas Rocket Attacks

Talking points for use in the present crisis:

·       Israel has every right to defend itself and has the duty to protect its civilian population under attack according to international law

·       Hamas bears responsibility for the escalation. 

·       Hamas and the terrorist organizations deliberately target Israeli civilians  and cynically use Palestinian civilians as human shield, which is clearly against international law.

·       There is clear evidence that Hamas is calling on Palestinian civilians to serve as human shields for its terrorist infrastructure.  

·       Hamas is similar to other extremist Islamist organizations such as ISIS and al-Qaeda. 

·       Israel showed great restraint during the past three weeks of continuous rocket fire from Gaza and made every attempt to avoid escalation, only to be met by further barrages. 

·       Israel is making every effort to avoid causing harm to genuine civilians, phoning them, texting them before an attack.

·       Israel cannot tolerate a situation in which millions of its citizens are forced to live under a barrage of missiles.  

·       The main objective of the operation is to restore stability and quiet to the residents of Israel.

·       Israel’s actions are measured and directed at the missile launchers and the terror infrastructure. 

·       Israel left the Gaza Strip completely in August 2005 and does not have any territorial claims there.  

·       There is no blockade of the Gaza Strip: goods enter and exit the Gaza Strip freely as long as Hamas rocket fire doesn’t prevent it.






Karl D Dorot said...

Israel must seize and nationalize the Palestinian regions. The Palestinian women and children would benefit immensely. Israel must start the ground offensive and retain all territory or this present kind of activity will continue forever. One cannot reason with people that do not know how or care to reason.

Dona Strauss said...

Of course, we mourn the tragic deaths of Naftali Fraenkel,
Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach. We sould also mourn the death of
Mohammed Abu Kdeir.