Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Haifa's Festival of Festivals

The annual Holiday of Holidays Festival takes place in Haifa toward through December until Christmas. Whilst the rain disrupted last weekend, hopefully the rain will stay away and winter weather be pleasant enough for this unique outdoor event not to be interrupted for the rest of the month.

A month of festivities, cultural activities, performances and events marks the celebration of the three major religious groups that live in mutual harmony, cooperation, tolerance and respect in Haifa. While the Jewish population celebrates Channukah, the Christians are celebrating Christmas and the Moslems are celebrating Eid-al-Adha.

The first Mayor of Haifa - Hassan Shukri - initiated the festival in 1914, and since then it has grown in size and popularity. This festival hi-lights the uniqueness of Haifa and its residents. The current Mayor of Haifa - Yona Yahav - describes the event as one "without boundaries of culture and religion". Yahav said in his 2009 official welcome "We residents of Haifa and its many guests have nothing left but to show up and rejoice".

The Festival of Festival is held in the Wadi NisNas neighborhood of Haifa, between the Hadar neighborhood and the downtown area.


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