Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting Back to Normal

So the fire is finally out and life has to return to normal for those that were affected. The kibbutz of Bet Oren seemed to have an air of normality when we visited it this week, albeit we were there in the early evening and it seemed to be be just as it was before the fire. Of course there were homes that were damaged and those residents are now housed in the Kibbutz Guest House for the time being. However, the wedding hall was functioning as normal and the evening we attended was a great success.

On the other hand, not too far away is the artists village of Ein Hod, where damage was much more severe. The village suffered the largest amount of tourism damage of anyone in the vicinity of the fire. They are now using the oportunity to upgrade the tourist facilities in the village and hopefully to attract even more visitors than they have had in the past.

On a positive side the Guest House of Nir Etzion was untouched and once the fire was out, guests returned to this very popular location. The ever in demand Carmel Spa Hotel has had partial damage to its dining room but that is being dealt with and the reports now state that the hotel will be open for business as usual in early January.

The children's village of Yemin Orde is facing major rebuilding and I want to use this blog to thank everyone who responded to the cry for help in such a timely way.

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