Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Charity Begins at Home

With the on going need to find philanthropists willing to help our Haifa Center for Children with Learning Disabilities, we are often asked, "What are you doing yourselves?" Well, this is what motivates my wife and I to organise a sponsored walk each year.

This year, we chose a route which took us from the Nature Park at Ramat Hanadiv http://www.ramat-hanadiv.org.il/lobby.aspx?boneId=334 where we wandered through the incredible trails arriving at Horvat 'Aqav a Second Temple period Jewish manor house which was abandoned at the time of the Jewish Revolt against Rome (66 - 70 CE) and rebuilt as a Byzantine villa in the fifth century.

From there we continued the trail to the Shuni park http://www.israelyoudidntknow.com/north/shuni-spring/ where everyone was presented with a certificate to acknowledge their participation and a light lunch to complete the proceedings.

The Haifa Center for Children with Learning Disabilities (Chi.L.D.) is a dynamic therapeutic center with a vision to provide the child and the family with vital educational, social and therapeutic services previously lacking in the local Haifa community.

With approximately one third of the children living below the poverty level, it is often the special needs youngsters who suffer the most. The Founding Director, dedicates his time on a voluntary basis, to answer the all encompassing needs of children and their families. By treating children with learning disabilities and a myriad of other problems the children have the opportunities for a successful future.

Taking a holistic approach, it is believed that treating children is not enough. The Center has extended its reach to provide family counseling, seminars and outreach programs, treat war trauma and to provide for new immigrants. The aim is to answer the growing needs of the local community as they change and develop, to empower parents to help their children and to increase awareness amongst parents and teachers.

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