Monday, October 4, 2010

Can Co-existence Work?

With thanks to an associate who publishes "Good News" weekly (GN), one item caught my attention. Peace talks are going to go through a stop-go phase until the trees that have been climbed are cut down to size. Meanwhile all sorts of projects in co-existence are proceeding

As it has been said before, says GN, and it bears repeating without so much as blushing, in the rough and tumble of relationships in our neck of the woods we sometimes get the impression that our nearest neighbors spend their entire day plotting our demise without so much as a half hour break for lunch.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A few examples: Collaboration on nature conservation; patronizing and working in, our up market shopping malls; a wide range of sports including the newly established Kraft American football league boasting Israeli and Palestinian players.

Of course, in the medical field and business and trade a lot is quietly going on .

And last but by no means least and this is not a joke, the belly dancer of the moment at up scale affairs in Bethlehem is a Jewish lady from Ashdod who charges and gets NIS1600 ($440) for a fifteen minute dance routine. So there you have it folks, it’s just that we do things a little differently here


Sarah said...

Great write up in the JPost.
I also started a blog, using photos to show that all is not bad news in Jerusalem, actually thousands of people are going about their daily lives and only a few are making trouble and getting all the headlines.
I am interested in learning about Coalition of Hasbara Volunteers.

Thank you and kol hakavod,
Sarah A

The Real Jerusalem Streets

Anonymous said...

do you have the phone number of the belly dancer?

Haifa Diarist said...

Sorry it is ex directory !!!