Monday, February 1, 2010

Potential Terrorists stopped by Israel's Security

There have been a lot of discussions about Israel's security methods, even the Harvard Business School got involved.

I just know that I feel comfortable with the security arrangements even though it is sometimes inconvenient. There are just too many attempts at terror attacks which fortunately are stopped before achieving the aim. Too many attenmpts that are not newsworthyy so they don't get reported.

It is now reported that last month, the Israel Police arrested two Israeli Arab citizens of East Jerusalem at the Beer Sheva Central Bus Station, who were suspected to have planned terror attacks on Israeli territory. During the search of their belongings, the police found a portable memory card with detailed plans for terror attacks in central Israeli targets, such as the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, the Tel Hashomer Medical Center, the tourist hotel area in Tel Aviv, the Malha Mall in Jerusalem and soldiers' bus stops in Jerusalem and Mevasseret Tzion.

Merad Namar (25) from Sur Baher and Merad Camal (25) from Wadi al-Joz, who both held Israeli IDs, were arrested after they had raised the suspicion of civilians at the Beer Sheva Central Bus Station. Investigations by the Israel Security Agency show that the suspects were recruited by Hamas commanders abroad to collect information on possible targets for terror attacks in Israel. The recruitment took place in Jordan and Dubai, where the two suspects had been staying in the months before their arrival in Israel.Throughout the past few months, Namar and Camal held additional meetings with foreign agents in Saudi-Arabia, Jordan and Turkey. In addition to that, they were scheduled to receive weaponry and explosive devices from their commanders.

Today, Monday (Feb. 1), an indictment was filed against the two suspects at the Jerusalem District Court, on the grounds of conspiracy with foreign agents, membership in a terror organization, aiding the enemy and espionage.

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