Sunday, February 7, 2010

Haifa Ethiopian Student Addresses Knesset

Ethiopian-Israeli scholarship student, Million Haile, whose father came to Israel with Operation Moses and is himself a proud graduate of the Leo Baeck Education Center, delivered an outstanding speech at the 61st anniversary session of the Knesset last week.

Million elicited rousing applause with her passionate speech about the State's coercion of the Ethiopian new immigrant population to study within a religious educational framework.

Million was one of 22 Leo Baeck Senior High School "Debate Club" members, who came together with students from all over Israel as honored guests of the Knesset.

The students participated in the deliberations of three Knesset committees: Foreign Affairs and Defense, Education and Finance. Each student, accompanied by an MK, briefly addressed the plenum session, held in the presence of President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

President Peres urged the students to enter political life, saying, "There is nothing more fascinating... anyone can be great if he or she serves a greater purpose."

The entire experience was a thrill for the students, and a huge honor for the Leo Baeck Education Center. In the words of Leo Baeck Senior High School Principal Dani Steiner, "This fist hand experience of Israel's governmental system is the essence of true learning."

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