Saturday, February 20, 2010

Middle East Coexistence Meeting of Midwives and Health Practioners

The first co-existence meeting of 2010 took place on February 16th as midwives and health practitioners from both sides of the Israel-Palestine conflict gathered to share personal stories, professional development and the political, personal, financial and social difficulties they encounter in their profession.

At the meeting, midwives from the West Bank's only birth center, Mithaloon, accepted a generous donation from Circle of Health International (COHI) partner organization, MADRE. This donation will help cover salaries, supplies and upkeep of the birth center, which provides a safe place for women to give birth and receive needed health care.

To add to all this good news, one of the amazing COHI volunteers, Tenley Spatz, has secured a grant that will allow shipping of an ultrasound machine, donated by Remedy in New Haven, to Gaza, where it will be used to provide prenatal monitoring and care to pregnant women.

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