Friday, December 11, 2009

Haifa's "Holiday of Holidays" Festival

Last weekend saw the opening of the 16th Haifa Festival “Holiday of Holidays" This festival commemorates Ramadan, Chanukah and Christmas for the multi-cultural population of the city.

Every weekend in December hundreds of events will take place in all areas of culture, art, music, dance and food. The neighborhood of Wadi Nisnas becomes a giant pedestrian area along in which there are many food stalls and numerous works of art displayed on walls or roofs of buildings.

The neighborhood is filled tens of thousands of residents of both Haifa and the surrounding areas. Many of those taking part in the cultural events practice every year to celebrate the events in Haifa.

The "Holiday of Holidays" is the celebration of Haifa. A member of the Knesset and the Haifa Mayor, who opened this years events said that the blessing of the “holidays is the holiday” celebration is, in effect, the character of Haifa and only Haifa could dream of, initiate and produce such a holiday.