Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gazan Child Healed in Haifa

A build up of fluid causing pressure within the eyeball is called glaucoma and it’s not "Good News". When that condition is present at birth then the baby is blind and requires very intricate surgery.

This is what happened to Halla a little girl from the Gaza Strip who was brought to Carmel Medical Center in Haifa (just 5 mins down the road from where I live) at the age of ten months and blind from birth. Ophthalmologists at the hospital performed two operations one after the other, the first, to drain the fluid and the second and more complicated procedure, to implant microscopic tubes to maintain the drainage process.

The fairy tale ending – Halla can see, she reacts to her surroundings, she smiles, she laughs, she’s putting on weight and doing all the things that a ten month old baby should be doing. With all the expenses being met by the Peres Peace Center all her overjoyed parents need to do is take her back home.

This beats all the negative ideology being spewed out on the Gazans radio, TV and newspapers


Anonymous said...

Reference please?

Haifa Diarist said...

Published in the Jerusalem Post

JoyWol said...

Why does someone who clearly doubts the authenticity of this story feel the need to post anonymously?
These are not one off stories.
Visit any Israeli hospital and you will find similar ones and there are plenty more areas where it is the grass roots people making the real news by cooperating with each other to create stories we never see in the media because it does not suit the anti Israel demonising agenda