Monday, December 1, 2008

And so the BIG LIE continues

According to reports in the local press, United Nations General Assembly President, Nicaraguan national and Roman Catholic Priest Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann leveled speeches laced with antisemitism at the State of Israel, last week, accusing the Jews of "crucifying" the Palestinian Arabs, libeling Israel as an "apartheid" state, and calling for global trade and economic sanctions to be imposed on Israel.

This tirade was delivered on the UNs' "International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People."

This day is held annually to mark the United Nations vote, in 1947, to partition the ancient Jewish national home - then known as Palestine - between Arabs and Jews

Instead of applauding the outcome of its vote, the UN gathering condemned the Jews (who accepted the dividing up of THEIR land) and supported the Arabs - who through war at the time, and terrorism in the ensuing decades, rejected the partition even though it offered them a homeland for the first time in history.

Speaking from the podium, Brockmann said Israel was responsible for "crucifying the Palestinians." His choice of phrase echoed that employed by such enemies of Israel as the Rev. Dr. Naim Ateek, a Palestinian Christian and former Anglican canon who founded and heads up the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem.

Ateek has compared Israel's "abuse" of the Palestinian Arabs to Herod's mass-murder of Bethlehem's baby boys in an effort to kill Jesus Christ.

Brockmann, not willing to make do with just this antisemitic accusation, went on to wield the most recent libelous charge against Israel.

"It has been 60 years since some 800,000 Palestinians were driven out of their homes," Brockmann said, perpetuating the myth that the Jews were responsible for the "Palestinian refugee problem."

Israel was perpetrating "a version of the highest policy of apartheid" against the Palestinian Arabs, he went on to say. As the world had forced South Africa to abandon apartheid, the UNGA president said, it must rally to boycott Israel and sever its financial ties to the world, imposing sanctions against Jerusalem until the Jewish state likewise buckles under the pressure.

And despite all that Israel has offered, hatred persists. Persists and grows only stronger. Not only from the Palestinian Arabs or their other Arab brethren. Not only from the Islamic nations. Not only from Near Eastern and Middle Eastern and Far Eastern countries. But also from many in Scandinavia, Europe and Africa. And it's also manifesting in the Americas, north and south; in Australia and in New Zealand.

As Israel's new ambassador to the UN, Professor Gabriela Shalev has quickly learned (Ynetnews November 21, 2008) double language is the order of the day: One language at the corridors, in private talks backstage, with a lot of appreciation for the Zionist state, and poisonous remarks against Israel in the official speeches.

Thus the BIG LIE concerning Israel continues and continues, ad nauseum.

In an unrelated issue, an opposition member of the Israeli Knesset, in an attempt at creative thinking said that Israel should set up a temporary detention facility in the Gaza vicinity and jail Hamas and Islamic Jihad prisoners there. "If they [members of Hamas] don't work to stop the fire, they should take into account that the rockets may hurt their men as well.

And what was the reaction from Hamas? "Using Palestinians as human shields is a war crime"!! Now just how cynical can you get??

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