Thursday, November 27, 2008

Israeli Medics Again Ready to Help

Although sitting here in Israel, the news of the latest terrorist tsunami in Mumbai gives rise to very personal feelings. It is just under two years ago since my wife and I were in Mumbai to celebrate a wedding in the family of a good friend of ours.

Having enjoyed the wonderful sights of Mumbai (and many other places) it is brought home in stark reality what must be going on in the minds of the Indians at this time with their version of 9/11. Having sailed to Elephant Island from the
Gateway to India opposite the Taj hotel one can vividly imagine the panic amongst the throngs of people that are always in the area.

As always Israel is prepared to help with such tragedies and medical staff from the Israeli Red Cross (
Magen David Adom) is already preparing to fly to India to bring their expertise to bear on this dreadful scenario.

It is a little too early for these medics to use a new technique of welding rather than sewing in safe way to close incisions in the skin that inventors say could also be used on cuts inside the body.

The team was led by Prof. Abraham Katzir, announcing the new technique , who explained how a way was to maintain laser heat at the correct temperature so that the incision is sealed to minimize the risk of infection and scars and speed healing.

Katzir says the development is "a groundbreaking medical technology" and could also be used quickly and easily by medics on the battlefield and at road accidents, as well as by plastic surgeons and other surgical specialists.

The breakthrough has aroused world interest and is presented on the Web site of the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (

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