Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Education, Education, Education

Education is the lifeblood of the future for our young. Studying a traditional curriculum at school enables the student to progress in their life and provide financial security for a future family. Negative education, (brainwashing) is a dead end street with little hope for the future.

I have now included in the list of links on the right hand side “Exposing Jewish anti-Semitism” which discusses Israel's Academic Fifth Column.

In one of the blogs “A Call to Arms” , the writer Steven Plaut from Haifa University says, that a specter is now haunting the Israeli Academic "Post-Zionist" extremists in Israel, and it is ISRACAMPUS (

Modeled in part on "Campus Watch" in North America, ISRACAMPUS monitors and exposes the anti-Israel (and sometimes anti-Semitic) political activities, writings, and pronouncements of Israel's far-leftist academic extremists. Israeli universities contain hundreds of faculty members who are active in promoting boycotts of Israel, in collaborating with anti-Israel groups attempting to delegitimize Israel as a terrorist, racist, apartheid entity.

Students, professors, donors, alumni, journalists and others participate in ISRACAMPUS and help it gather materials. If anyone knows of or hears about academics collaborating with anti-Israel groups or attempting to delegitimize Israel through their students, ISRACAMPUS would like to hear about it.

Until ISRACAMPUS came upon the scene, few in Israel and fewer still outside Israel were aware of the anti-Israel activities of these Israeli academic radicals. That is now changing. The past two years, when there were numerous attempts to adopt boycott of Israel resolutions in the UK, Canada, in the US, and elsewhere, it was ISRACAMPUS that exposed the fact that most of these resolutions have Israeli academic initiators and sponsors, faculty members who draw salaries paid for by the Israeli taxpayer, calling on anti-Semites all over the world to boycott Israel. The Israeli media and the Jewish press around the world are increasingly discussing and reporting about the shenanigans of "Israel's Academic Fifth Column."

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