Monday, January 28, 2008

Will the Snow Arrive This Year?

The grandchildren in Jerusalem are getting excited about the possibility of snow this week. Even those in the Tel Aviv area are making their plans to visit Jerusalem if snow arrives. Whether their parents are involved in these plans remains to be seen!!

A heavy fall of snow in Jerusalem happens only once in 5-7 years so the children want to make the most of it. Temperatures are expected to reach freezing levels Tuesday night during the inclement weather, which is forecast to begin Monday night and continue through Thursday.

If it does happen, schools will close giving the children every opportunity to enjoy the snow to its maximum.

It is reported that the Jerusalem municipality is on standby to clear streets and salt main roads to prevent freezing, while the city's hotline will be manned by extra staff.

The Mayor of Jerusalem announced that all homeless people in Jerusalem will be offered the option of staying in hotels during the inclement weather expected in the area.

The Jerusalem Post reported that according to the plan dubbed "Warm House," Welfare officials in the city have been instructed to provide shelter for all the homeless people until the cold front passes. Further, all Jerusalem residents are being asked to phone the municipality to report any homeless person who is on the street.

If the snow does arrive, we need to pray that it also falls on Mount Hermon since in the spring; it is the melting snow which helps to fill the Sea of Galilee. We are not making any headway in filling up the Sea this winter. In fact today it was reported that in 2007 there was only 50% of the average rainfall. It is not going to be long before the government has to consider rationing.

We typically collect rain water on our balcony each winter and use it during the summer to water our plants. However, whereas in the last few years we have had 120-150 bottles by the winters end, we are well down on the number of bottles stored this year.

Maybe we will have to smell a bit more in the summer and take fewer showers!!!

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