Sunday, January 13, 2008

Let's Not Beat Around the Bush

OK, so Bush has been here and gone. Whilst the public were warned of traffic problems in Jerusalem during Bush’s visit, it appears many decided to stay home. So when we decided to go to the theatre last Thursday, which just happened to situated next door to Bush’s hotel, we left ourselves plenty of time to get there, expecting the worst. In fact we arrived at the theatre so early we had to sit around for an hour.

From the car park to the theatre was a 10 minute walk and the streets were simply empty. Not only were there no vehicles on the road but the number of pedestrians was minimal. In fact, it was rather like feeling of being in a ghost town.

Nevertheless, an audience did turn up for Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Mikado”, which was a wonderful performance. The Emperor of Japan did invite the President of the United States to meet him but the offer was declined!!

What will develop from Bush’s visit remains to be seen. But, let’s not “beat around the bush”, the Israeli public is skeptical and the Palestinians continue in their “sweet” way.

Army reports since Bush’s arrival describe

09 Jan : IDF targeted a mortar shell launching squad in Northern Gaza
09 Jan : Palestinians launched a Qassam rocket from the Gaza Strip
09 Jan : Palestinians hurled rocks at an Israeli vehicle
09 Jan : The IDF targeted a terror cell in the northern Gaza Strip
11 Jan
Palestinians opened fire, in two different incidents, at IDF forces patrolling near the security fence in western Negev
13 Jan: A 30 cm knife was uncovered on a Palestinian teenage girl
13 Jan: Eight mortar shells were fired at Israel

No signs of any ceasing of the incitement, no signs of cracking down on terror, this really is just like a horror movie. Hopefully, there will be a happy ending

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