Sunday, January 6, 2008

Here We Go Round the Mulberry BUSH

Fatah as “Moderate”, now who is kidding who? Arlene Kuschner asks in regard to a possible peace agreement,
a) are the Palestinians able to do it?
b) do the Palestinians actually intend to do it

First of all, the new logo “commemorating” 43 years of Fatah shows Israel yet again not existing in their mindset.

The intentions of Abbas and Fatah, writes Kuschner point toward continued intransigence,
support of terrorism and hostility to Israel.

Let’s just remind ourselves of a few facts:-
a) from a security perspective Fatah is weak in the West Bank and Hamas is getting stronger
b) the 19 UNRWA refugee camps in Judea and Samaria, which are hotbeds of terrorist activity, are controlled exclusively by armed militias and Palestinian security forces are not permitted entry.
c) the Palestinian press and TV constantly refer to war rather than peace.
d) Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, has a reputation amongst the Palestinians as a weak and ineffectual leader, unable to deliver and so weak that he is afraid to leave Ramallah.

Whilst Abbas is presenting the picture of moderation and peace that the West want to hear, the intentions seem to be just the opposite and the various meetings held since Annapolis point toward intransigence, support of terrorism and continued hostility to Israel.

Friday sermons broadcast on PA (Abbas-controlled) radio that call for complete Muslim control of the area and “victory” through conflict.

Abbas has done nothing to prepare his people for compromise, but instead leads them to believe they can realise all their aspirations. Neither Abbas nor his spokesmen and negotiators are willing to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, Saeb Erekat claiming no State is created on the basis of religion. Yet he must know that many Arab nations officially adopt Islam

The picture painted for foreign consumption is one of Abbas and the Fatah standing against a terrorist Hamas and providing the region with a distinct moderate alternative. The reality is that there are connections between Fatah and Hamas now, which, by all indications, will only grow stronger.

Isn't it time for Bush to look at the realities on the ground?

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