Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Hamas continues incitement and hostilities

 As Arlene Kushner writes:-

There was yet one more action incited by Hamas, an action of serious – 
and yes, very infuriating – dimensions:

There were incendiary balloons launched into southern Israel – with 
fires ignited on farmland and fields.

You can see a short video of one of the fires here:

This vile destruction arouses very justifiable anger. There was one balloon 
carrying an explosive device, as well.

And here the situation is more serious. For after the recent war with Hamas, 
Netanyahu warned that we were entering a new time: no level of aggression 
would go unanswered. Not even incendiary balloons. Gantz – who 
was Defense Minister then and is now – said that Israel would respond 
forcefully to any act of aggression. And Bennett is on record as well 
regarding the necessity of treating incendiary balloons like rockets.

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