Friday, June 22, 2018

Arabs Admit They are not Indigenous in "Palestine"

It is clear from this video that Arabs migrated en masse to the area  around the same time as Jews immigrated here. But there is  another, very simple way to identify the origins of the Arabs, and that is according to their surnames. In the Arab communities, the surnames identify the tribe, or clans which one belongs to, a country or a region of their roots, and in some cases a profession.
It is important to stress that the loyalty of each individual is first and foremost to their tribe and family. 
Yasser Arafat’s full name for example, is Yasser Yusuf Arafat, Al-Qudwa, Al-Husseini. While he claimed he was born in Jerusalem, he was born in Cairo and his father’s family originates from the tribe of Al-Qudwa, which is in Syria. His mother, Husseini, was an Egyptian citizen, though the name exposes her roots in the region between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

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