Sunday, February 11, 2018

Timeline for Saturdays attack in Northern Israel

1.       the Iranians launched an attack drone into Israel, which the 
Israelis tracked and shot down  

2 the Israelis sent jets into Syria to hit the Iranian command center 
that had sent the drone, at the Tiyas Airbase in Syria . 

3 forces backing Bashar al-Assad fired off "dozens" of anti-aircraft 
missiles, including into Israeli territory, which forced Israeli 
communities to go into lockdown and the pilots of one F-16 
to abandon the jet.  

4 the Israelis sent eight jets into Syria to target a dozen Syrian and 
Iranian military facilities (lists and descriptions of the targets: 

 5   Assad forces fired off another 15-20 anti-aircraft missiles, again 
forcing Israeli communities to go into lockdown .

The drone was similar to the advanced American UAV seized by Iran - The drone emulated Western technology.  The structure and sophistication were similar to the American UAV Iran seized in 2011, including a "low signature" aimed at avoiding detection 

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