Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I'm a Palestinian Girl

The author of the article below is a Palestinian woman living in the West Bank. I am sure her sentiments are shared by many on both sides of the conflict.

I'm a Palestinian girl and that got fed up of everything around me. I’m sick of hearing the bad news, the bloodshed and the spreading of hatred all over.

I’m always sitting on my own thinking, when is this going to come to an end? When are we going to have the life we want? When are we going to have the peaceful life that we’ve heard of but never seen? Whenever I think about simple things like people loving each other and working together to have peace among them it makes me smile and gives me a little hope. Sometimes I think to myself, “Would I ever get the chance to meet with the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and talk to him on person”? This idea has been in my mind for a long time and I’m so serious about wanting to meet him and talk.

Some people would think I’m stupid for having this idea or thinking that meeting him would change anything about the conflict. Why do I want to meet him? Because he only hears from the politicians and people who work in the government; he never talked to an ordinary Palestinian person.

What I would want to tell him that we Palestinians are ready to recognize the State of Israel, and it’s not only us, but also most of the Arab countries. We never want you to get out of this land. If you read history you will know that Jews have the right to exist here just like us. We Palestinians and myself personally, want peace. When I look to the other countries around the world and see most of them living a peaceful life it makes me sad and puts tears into my eyes and makes me think, “Why can’t we have such a life?”

I have been living under the occupation for 22 years and really I’m not willing for more. All I want is to have a normal life, have fun and enjoy my life while I’m still young. Is it really hard for the Palestinian and the Israeli governments to solve it and get two states, one for each? I bet they are not happy seeing their people in pain and suffering all the time. Let’s make this dream come true and seek peace, for it’s the best solution for all. Let’s at least love each other and live this life we were given in the right way, because life is way too short – if you don’t look around once you might lose it. We all know that life is too short to live it hating each other.

We really can love each other and live in harmony together, just like we used to do.


In a joint IDF and ISA operation, in cooperation with Israeli police, a terror cell affiliated with the Hamas terror organization, was arrested in Qalqilya, in the West Bank. The perpetrators, confessed to plotting a series of terror attacks against Israelis, as well as revealing dozens of kilograms of chemical substances used to manufacture explosive devices.

During the investigation, members of the terror cell conveyed detailed information on a weaponry lab, located in an apartment in central Nablus, in which the perpetrators manufactured the explosive devices indented to be detonated against Israeli civilians. The Hamas operatives admitted to be recruited to the military branch of the terror organization while residing in Jordan. They were then trained by Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and transferred to Judea and Samaria for further terrorist and recruitment activities. In addition, the terror squad was instructed by Hamas officials in the Gaza Strip to carry out attacks in Judea and Samaria during Operation Protective Edge.

Now who is stopping the Palestinian girl from leading a normal life???

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