Monday, March 30, 2015

Guess What? Tehran is not backing down

From a MEMRI report it seems clear that the U.S. is disregarding the speeches out of Tehran, and is attempting, without success, to force Iran into the two-stage process. Iran is refusing to sign any interim document, and for this reason Western foreign ministers involved in the negotiations, such as U.K. Foreign Minister Phillip Hammond, are saying that understandings which might be reached at this stage will only be oral ones.
It should be emphasized that Iran has not backed down in any way, at any stage, from the positions with which it began the talks:
1.  Tehran rejects the removal of its enriched uranium from Iran.
2.  Tehran rejects a gradual lifting of the sanctions.
3.  Tehran rejects restriction of the number of its centrifuges.
4.  Tehran rejects intrusive inspections and snap inspections.
5.  Tehran rejects any halt to its research and development activity.
6.  Tehran rejects any change to the nature of its heavy water reactor at Arak.
7.  Tehran rejects any closure of its secret enrichment site at Fordow.
8.  Tehran rejects all restrictions to its nuclear activity following the agreement's expiration.
9.  Tehran rejects the inclusion of its long-range missile program in the negotiations.
10.  Tehran rejects reporting on its previous clandestine military nuclear activity.
11.  Tehran rejects allowing inspections of military sites suspected of conducting nuclear activity.

Why should this be a surprise? This is the Middle East, have the #P5+1 not learnt anything? 

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J.Baruhovic said...

Iran is pulling 5+1 legs ! hJ.Baruhovic Serbia a,ha,ha,