Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Healthcare for Palestinians

From the Director of International Public Relations - Emek Medical Center, Afula

It borders on the incomprehensible how the western, educated, cultured, democratic and ‘balanced’ world focuses its media-generated wrath against Israel.  Better to remember that no country on this earth is beyond constructive criticism, especially western super-power societies with dubious histories of their own.  But – let’s not go there.

As is our trademark, I want to share with you something positive so as to offer you a choice on what to focus … something positive and uplifting, instead of depressing negativity.     

Nivin was born in Ramallah (in the Palestinian Authority), married and now lives with her husband in East Jerusalem.  Her battle with breast cancer brought her into the sphere of Sonja Dinner, a Swiss-based international philanthropist who cares deeply about the plight of women in Arab societies.  Sonja is providing invaluable support for the creation of Emek’s Comprehensive Breast Care Center and decided to step out of the box and bring Nivin to Emek for a sensitive and necessary surgical procedure. 

Get the picture?  A Muslim Arab woman living in a society where such things are not even openly discussed, from an area that could be the flashpoint for another war, traveling through checkpoints with her Palestinian Muslim husband to Israel’s Emek Medical Center – the mecca of coexistence through medicine – to be treated by a team of Jewish & Arab Israeli physicians for a disease that women in her society suffer from in silence.

Nivin, her husband and Sonja met with Emek’s Professor Dan Hershko (Head of Surgery ‘B”) and Dr. Azziz Shoufani (Head of Plastic Surgery).  She was examined and later operated on in what proved to be a highly successful procedure.  With Sonja’s help and encouragement, Nivin is now a role model for other women in her society and is helping to break through Arab taboos surrounding this deadly disease.                  

Sonja Dinner (left) with Nivin in her East Jerusalem home

Expert medical attention (unavailable in the Palestinian healthcare network) was called for and they came to Israel, to Emek.  Another in a long line of Palestinians who have been saved here.

I’m proud to be living in a country where offering such help is the norm.  I’m even more proud of Emek’s humanitarian professionals who, through their fingers and hands flow the magic of healing and ultimate reconciliation. 

It is unsensational acts such as these that represent real hope.  Do you understand that?  

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