Sunday, June 22, 2014

Where are the reporters?

Rocket attacks against Israel
Sunday June 22 - Two rockets fired at Israel. Both hit Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. Terrorist carrying a hand grenade  arrested Sunday morning near Eshkol Regional Council.
Saturday June 21 - Terrorists fired three rockets at Israel.
Friday June 20 - Four rockets fired at Israel. In response: The IDF targeted three concealed rocket launchers and a weapons storage facility in Gaza.
Thursday June 19 - Two rockets fired at Israel – one intercepted by Iron Dome. In response: The IDF targeted a rocket-launching site and two terror activity sites in Gaza.
Wednesday June 18 - Five rockets fired at Israel
Tuesday June 17 - Responding to rocket fire, IDF targeted terrorist activity site, a weapons factory and two weapon storage facilities in Gaza.
Monday June 16 - One rocket fired at Israel. In response: The IDF targeted two terrorist activity sites, 3 weapon storage facilities, and a weapons-manufacturing site in Gaza.

Sunday June 15 - Multiple rockets fired at Israel – 2 intercepted by Iron Dome

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